Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A fake fiscal cliff, another Florida youth shot & a way forward in Israel/Palestine

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Family, it has been a week or so since we have been on the air.  Unfortunately, the news cycle didn't stand still so we are back bringing real talk about the issues affecting real people.  Tune in tonight as we talk about...

1.  Another Florida teenager shot

This past Friday, 17 year-old Jordan Davis was shot and killed by a 45-year old at a gas station, apparently during an argument over "loud music."  Another tragic case of a dead youth is already drawing parallels in the press with the murder of Trayvon Martin.  Tune in tonight as we check in on this tragic case of a murdered young boy.

2.  Is the fiscal cliff real?

If you are paying attention to the news, the new battle in Washington is supposedly over a fiscal cliff, an economic catastrophe that is allegedly set to take place on January 1st, if politicians don't...well who know what the hell they are suppose to do.  Tune in tonight as we check in with Nicole Woo from the Center for Economic and Policy Research who will tell us what the fiscal cliff is really about.
3.  Is there a way forward in Israel/Palestine?

Our show was on break during the height of the conflict last week in Gaza/Israel that left 167 Palestinians from Gaza and 5 Israelis dead with thousands more wounded.  Now there is a ceasefire, but for how long?  Tonight on our show, we want to ask the harder, yet more useful question:  Is there a way forward in Israel/Palestine?  What role can Americans play in paving a way forward?  Tune in as we hear from former President of the American Jewish Congress and Miami Jewish activist Jack Lieberman, FIU Students for Justice in Palestine member Mnar Muhareb, Rabbis for Human Rights founder Rabbi Arik Ascherman, Adam Schwartzbaum (Miami attorney who sits on the board of several Jewish organizations), UC Irvine Professor and author Mark Levine and Gaza-based documentary filmmaker Harry Fear.

BONUS CLIP 1: Mark Levine on what Americans should do to help find a solution in Israel/Palestine

BONUS CLIP 2: Rabbi Arik Ascherman on what Americans should do. "Friends don't let other friends drive drunk."

BONUS CLIP 3:Mark Levine's lack of hope in the present with some eye toward the future.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fixing Elections + OWS's Crazy Debt Destruction Plan

LWV Press Conference Tuesday
1. Fixing Elections

Remember how Florida had some election issues in 2000? And 2002? Veterans of voting reform efforts then will talk with those of us who want to repair Florida's election system today.

League of Women Voters of Miami-Dade

2. Beating Wall Street at its Own Game

Occupy Wall Street is back... with a plan so crazy it just might work. Learn how Strike Debt is going to use the existing financial system to forgive student loans, medical debt and more. And it all starts with a wild fundraising effort called the Rolling Jubilee. Listen in for an update on a revolutionary response to our personal debts. Maybe you have some loans that could use some forgiveness.

Strike Debt
The DROM - Debt Resistors' Operations Manual
Rolling Jubilee
Guest Chris Kasper in Yes! Magazine

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A New America Rising or the Same America Slipping? + Sandy in the eyes of Katrina Survivors

1.  Post Election Thoughts

People, the election was yesterday.  Some people won, some people lost.  ALOT of change might come and ALOT of things might stay the same.  We are gonna here from a bunch of our friends tonight, including radio host Edward Woodson, Florida State Rep.-elect Jose Javier Rodriguez, Get Equal's Felipe Matos, Jim Gierach from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, Scottie Hodges from the Tea Party News Network, Rosa Clemente from the Green Party and many many more.  JUST CALL IN IF YOU WANT TO SAY SOMETHING (305) 541-2350.

2.  What can Sandy survivors learn from Katrina survivors?

Tune in as we talk to journalist, writer and Katrina survivor, Jordan Flaherty about the similarities, differences and lessons learned.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Voter Supression and a Vomiting Electorate: One Florida Senator’s Dream Come True

Sen. Mike "voting is a privilege" Bennett
by Subhash Kateel

Hey, do you remember that time that the second in command of Florida’s State Senate, Mike Bennett (Bradenton, Fl-R) said that he wanted to make it as easy for as many Floridians to vote as possible?  Yeah…me neither.

I was lucky when I early voted on Friday.  It only took me an hour and a half.  I can’t say the same for most people I know.  Friends that I spoke to told me that it took them six hours to vote.  Six hours!  In Miami, when someone tells you that it took them six hours to vote, you can almost assume that they are about to say, “before I came to America.”  But the scenes of these long voting lines were as American as a Venezuelan Arepa in Doral, Florida.  Ok, you would have to know a little about Doral, where the Miami Dade Elections office is headquartered, for that to make sense.  But just read this article.

On Sunday, Janie Campbell from the Huffington Post reported that one voter, a "severely hypoglycemic" Blake Yagman, “spent several hours throwing up after standing inthe sun for so long” trying to vote.  According to the article, he waited in line to vote in Aventura, Florida for three hours after trying to vote in two other polling stations around Miami Dade County

If you didn’t know our Governor, who is less popular than ghosts in the state, you would think that he would be all over fixing the problem.  But instead, he just told Channel 7 in Orlando that "I'm focused on making sure that we have fair, honest elections."  Which was his cryptic way of saying that he wasn’t going to do anything.

And why would he?  Rick Scott is the same governor who passed the law that reduced early voting from about two weeks down to only eight days.  This is the same law that sponsor, Florida State Senator and President Pro Tem of the Senate,  Mike Bennett admitted to the Florida Independent was designed to make it harder to vote.
 “Voting is a privilege. How easy should it be? Do you read the stories about the people in Africa? The people in the desert, who literally walk two and three hundred miles so they can have the opportunity to do what we do, and we want to make it more convenient? How much more convenient do you want to make it? This is a hard-fought privilege…this is something people die for. You want to make it convenient? The guy who died to give you that right, it was not convenient. Why would we make it any easier? I want ‘em to fight for it. I want ‘em to know what it’s like. I want them to go down there, and have to walk across town to go over and vote..." 
Well he finally got his wish.  A hypoglycemic man fought so hard to vote that he puked for several hours after waiting in line for several more hours just to cast his ballot.
Don't forget to catch our show every Wednesday at 7pm EST.  But before that, check our co-producer, Mara Leventhal's tips for voting.  And if you want to learn more about the real voter fraud problems in Florida, check out an excellent article by friend of the show and award-winning journalist, Frank Alvarado of the Miami New Times (you can check out his interview on our show here).


Get Out And Vote

by Mara Leventhal

You may have heard about the early voting debacles over the weekend. Lines that stretched in the night for hours. Supervisor of Elections, locking its doors with hundreds lined up outside, chanting, "Let us vote!" Lawsuits. Bomb scares. Oh, Florida. While we are used to being in the national spotlight when it comes to voting disasters, we want to give you all the tools you need to make Election Day, Tuesday, November 6 as smooth as possible.

If you have not voted yet, take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the ballot. This year’s ballot has been called Miami-Dade’s longest ever – but don’t worry – now you have all the tools you need to be a savvy, smart and informed voter. Tell your friends and family to VOTE THE ENTIRE BALLOT and be prepared with their picks before they enter their polling place!

First, check out the WMN Miami Voter Guide. It is a step-by-step guide to figure out your precinct, what's on your ballot and what to vote for. Its' "Guide to the Voter Guides" has links to Voter Guides and Endorsements from Progress Florida, SAVE Dade, Equality Florida, League of Women Voters, Planned Parenthood, Florida Education Association and many other organizations. Here are the headlines: nearly every newspaper in the state, along with most progressive organizations agree: Vote NO on ALL 11 of the Florida State Constitutional Amendments and Vote YES to retain the judges on your ballot. For more tips - check out the WMN Miami Voter Guide.

Need more help?
Remember, on Election Day, Tuesday, November 6, you must go to your local precinct to vote and it is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. In honor of all the Florida residents who are working to restore their right to vote, please make your vote count. At all levels, whether it is the Presidential race, our State Constitution or local candidates -- this election is going to be close. Get out the vote.