Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Another way to end violence? + What real Mayans are doing on their "Apocalypse."

We remember the lives of all that were lost in Newtown, Connecticut and all that are lost everyday to senseless (yes, we said it) violence.

1.  Is there another way to talk about ending violence?

The tragedy in Newtown last Friday has created a strong push for something to be done to end violence, specifically mass violence.  Much of it has focused on mental health and guns.  Tonight, we will talk about how we talk, think and act in a way that creates solutions that can move us forward.

2.  What exactly is a culture of violence?

Much has been said about America and Americans having a "culture of violence." But what does that phrase mean?  How do we define it so that we can work to end it?  Tune in tonight.

3.  What are real Mayans doing when on the day that the "world will end."

A lot of people keep talking about the Mayan calendar signalling the end of the world.  But very few of those people are actually talking about it with real Mayans.  If you didn't know, South Florida has a vibrant community of Mayans, tens of thousands of them.  Tonight, we ask them what they are doing on the 21st, how they feel about everyone talking about their calendar and what people should really know about the Mayan community.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Michigan's State of DisUnion, Christmas vs. Hanukkah & Remembering Ravi Shankar

1.  The right to have no rights at work in Michigan?
If you haven't heard by now, Michigan, the state that gave birth to the labor movement, just passed a "right to work" law that many say is meant to break the union.  On today's show, we will speak to legendary Michigan labor and civil rights leader, General Baker about what this means for all of us. 
2.  Christmas vs. Hanukkah: The Faceoff.  Which one wins? 
LTAI is known to bring you the real news that affects the lives of real people.  We are also known to be a forum for thoughtful debate and dialogue.  Well, tonight we decided to have a little less thoughtful and not serious debate about which holiday is better, Christmas or Hanukkah.  Tonight, friends of the show Laguardia (the artist, not the airport) and Deanna Neil (author, singer and Jewish educator) will face-off to see which holiday would win in a fight...we mean...friendly debate...whatever, just listen! 

3.  Remembering Ravi Shankar
Chances are, if you grew up in America and are over 25, the first time you heard Indian music, it was probably Ravi Shankar.  Yesterday, one of the the most influential musicians in modern time passed away. We will talk with Tabla artist, composer and producer, Suphala about Pandit Ravi Shankar's legacy.  Plus hear her track below.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Is The Art Scene Really Good for Miami?+Coping With Losing a Loved One

pic:Joanne Materra 1.  Is Miami's Art Scene really benefiting all of Miami?

Just about the biggest thing in the art world, Art Basel, has landed in Miami this week.  While the producers at LTAI! are definitely going to soak in the festivities, not everyone in the city feels like the art scene has been good to everyone in Miami.  Tune in as we talk to artists, art dealers and researchers about the real impacts of art in Miami.  Guests include RISEP's researcher Marcos Feldman, Gallery Diet's Nina Johnson Milewski, developer at Goldman Properties and Director of Wynwood Arts District Association John Furst, another Wynwood Developer and founder of Wynwood Arts District Association David Lombardi, Neil Hall of the Urban Collective and Art Africa Miami and Miami artist and head of Jakmel Art Gallery Jude PapaLoko.
Is Miami's Art Scene really benefiting all of Miami?12-05-12 by Lets Talk About It!


2.  How to deal with losing a loved one.

Losing a family member or close friend can be one of the most traumatic experiences in your life.  But there are ways you can cope.  Tune in tonight as we talk with therapist and trauma specialist Martha Vallejo.