pic credit: Favianna Rodriguez 1.  A new immigration system or the same old politics? This week, the Senate “Gang of 8” and the President made separate announcements on Immigration Reform.  We will get reactions from Gaby Pacheco, David Caukett (Floridians for Immigration Enforcement), Sarahi Uribe (National Day Labors Organizing Network),  Pramila Jayapal (Center for Community […]

pic: forusa.org by Subhash Kateel (Originally published in the Examiner) In 2005, when our decision makers wanted desperately to stop young Americans from being killed in the streets, they knew they could do it by investing millions in the people that were doing the shooting and killing. But those streets were in Baghdad. As the […]

1.  What does it mean to Restore Justice? One of the most provocative articles of the year is this piece in the New York Times about parents of a murdered Tallahassee woman who forgave her murderer and participated in a restorative justice process that actually helped to reduce his sentence.  Since this article was published, […]