People!  It is the time to talk about the real issues that affect the lives of real people.  Don’t miss us tonight as we first, do a quick reaction to Obama’s announcement on gun policy (thank you to all that checked out the article).  We then move on to…

1.  How many Aaron Swartz’s are out there?
Aaron Swartz, a legendary computer programmer, writer and organizer (among other things) committed suicide last friday after both suffering from depression and enduring a grueling criminal investigation that could have led him to serve decades in prison for what amounted to illegal downloading.  While the full facts surrounding his suicide aren’t out, many press outlets are putting the prosecutors in the case under increased scrutiny.  But how does what Aaron Swartz went through compare to what everyday folks in the criminal justice system go through?  Is the pressure on them similar?  Join us as we talk to attorney and trained therapist, Shreya Mandal.
2. Idle No More
It is perhaps the largest social movement erupting in Canada today and among Native American (First Nations) folks everywhere.  Its effects have the potential to be massive.  What is Idle No More (besides one of the coolest names ever)?  Find out as we talk to Native American/First Nation activists from the US and Canada, including Thomas Pearce from the American Indian Movement and activist Robert Animikii Horton.

3. Pregnant While Black?

Why do some communities face major disparities in outcomes for pregnancy? To find out, we invited friend of the show, Tamara Taitt, midwife, marriage and family therapist and co-owner of the Gathering Place childbirth and parenting center to talk to us about the realities of being pregnant while Black, and what communities are doing to address the major disparities in health of pregnant women and babies throughout the U.S.
The Gathering Place
Project Motherpath
Mobile Midwife – Circle of Mamas
Healthy Start Coalition of Miami-Dade