1.  What does it mean to Restore Justice?

One of the most provocative articles of the year is this piece in the New York Times about parents of a murdered Tallahassee woman who forgave her murderer and participated in a restorative justice process that actually helped to reduce his sentence.  Since this article was published, many people have been asking “What is Restorative Justice?” and “Does it really work?” Tonight we will talk with Sujatha Baliga (National Council on Crime and Delinquency), who was featured in the Times article about what restoring justice means to victims, perpetrators of crime and the communities they come from.  We will also be joined by Power U‘s Julia Daniel, who will talk about what this type of work can look like in Miami.

2.  Why Guantanamo is still open and why we should all care.
One of President Obama’s first campaign promises was to close the Guantanamo Bay (GITMO) prison on the tip of Cuba.  That was four years ago.  Why is the prison still open and what does it mean for our democracy?  Three of the biggest experts in the fight to close Guantanamo, Michael Ratner (Center for Constitutional Rights), Bill Quigley (Loyola University, New Orleans) and CODEPINK founder Medea Benjamin will be in Miami for a panel discussion on closing GITMO.  They will join us tonight.  Don’t miss it.
3.  When Low Powered Radio is a good thing
In order to break up big communications companies domination of the radio waves, the FCC created Low Power FM Radio programs for community organizations and religious groups to have access to the airwaves.  Tonight, friend of the show, Leah Weston, will jump on to tell us how Low Power radio can have high impact in our neighborhoods.