It has been a couple weeks since we have talked and just like we told you, the world didn’t end.  But there are still plenty of things to talk about.
1.  Did we get hustled on the fiscal cliff “deal?”
As we told you before, the whole fiscal cliff crisis was probably a fake crisis to begin with, a 2012 version of the y2k bug (if you are too young to remember, google it).  At any rate, it seems like our politicians came to consensus to avert whatever crisis was suppose to happen, real or imagined.  On our show tonight, we ask Matthew Stoller (Roosevelt Institute) and Nicole Woo (Center for Economic and Policy Research) how much working Americans got hustled in this “crisis” averting deal.  Don’t miss this segment.

2.  How do you keep a New Year’s resolution to be healthy?
If you made a New Years resolution, there is a chance that it had something to do with being healthy, gaining/losing weight, or getting in shape.  For a lot of us, those resolutions are the hardest to keep.  Tonight, we check in with nutritionist and author, Dr. Keith Kantor and personal trainer/martial arts/friend of the show Beverley Sher Bradley (Underground Physique) about how to keep a New Year’s resolution to get in and stay in shape.