1. A Private Prison company gets naming rights to Florida Atlantic University’s Football Stadium.
Will a GEO Football Stadium make way for a Halliburton Stadium or a Blackwater Stadium?  That is one of the questions our guests will answer as we talk about the recent news the one of the largest (and most notorious) private prison corporations in the world, the GEO Group will get to name Florida Atlantic University’s sports stadium after donating $6 million dollars to the school. GEO group, which runs the Broward Transitional Center, a local immigrant detention center, is often accused of a litany of missteps, abuses and corner-cutting. The school’s president has called the GEO group deal “wonderful” and called the company “well run.”  Tonight, we will talk to experts on private prisons, including former immigrant detainees at GEO facilities about how “wonderful” they think the GEO group and the idea to let them name a sports stadium are.  We talk about it tonight with Bob Libal (Grassroots Leadership), Shamir Ali (Students Working for Equal Rights), Luis Cardona, Gaby Aleksinko (FAU student leader), Viridiana Martinez (National Immigrant Youth Alliance) & others.  For info about related events, check here.

2.  Is the new Harlem Shake making Harlem shake its head?
About the biggest dance/meme in the world right now is the “Harlem Shake” meme (see below) with over a hundred million views.  That’s enough to make Psy from Gangam Style and the dudes from #KONY2012 form a strategic new alliance.  But does the Harlem Shake have anything to do with Harlem, NY or the original “Harlem Shake” (see below)?  Should it? Let’s talk about it with Channing Kennedy (Colorlines Magazine), Frsh Aire (Triboro) & Priest Forever (Hip Hop Culture Center of Harlem).

3.  The Secret History of Coca (Cola & Caine)…and Coffee
You may know Ricardo Cortes from his groundbreaking work on the adult children’s book “Go The F*** To Sleep” or “It’s Just a Plant.”  But he just put out an new illustrated book called “A Secret History of Coffee, Coca & Cola” that is quickly raising just as many eyebrows.  Tune in to easily one of our most informative interviews ever.

Original Harlem Shake

The “New” Harlem Shake Meme