1.  An ex-cop (and the reputation of the LAPD) unravel

Tonight we talk about the presumed death of ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner, who went on a shooting rampage for several days after releasing this “manifesto” accusing the LAPD of extreme corruption.  The words “tragedy” and “expected” have been thrown around since word hit the press of his rampage.  We will talk about the charges he made in his manifesto and how they relate to the LAPD’s often checkered past.  Guests include ex-LAPD officer, private investigator and creator of renegadepopo.com, Alex Salazar & community journalist, Thandi Chimurenga & Black Awareness Community Development Organization’s Executive Director Jitu Sadiki.

But first…
2.  Did feminism kill chivalry?

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. It got some of the producers thinking. Is chivalry dead?  If so, was it killed by feminism?  Tune in as we talk it out.  Guests include Kathleen Connelly, author of “Why Is Benevolent Sexism Appealing?”, friend of the show Camilo Mejia and Mercedes Jimenez

3.  When One Billion Rise

One Billion Rising is a worldwide event taking place on Valentine’s Day inviting women and those who love them to “WALK OUT, DANCE, RISE UP, and DEMAND an end to this violence.”  Tune in tonight as we learn more.  Guests include Lisa Schejola Akin of International V-day and One Billion Rising & Jeannette Smith of South Florida Interfaith Worker Justice.