1.  A 16-year old shot by the NYPD and a community outraged.

On Saturday night, two NYPD officers shot and killed a teenage Brooklyn boy after claiming that he pointed that 16 year-old Kimani Gray aimed a handgun at the
officers.  Conflicting witnesses and a damning autopsy report have enraged the Brooklyn neighborhood he called home.  Miami is no stranger to officer-involved shooting either.  Tonight, we try to ask what could have been done to prevent a 16 year old from being slain. 
2. A new Pope.
We just got word that we have a new pope.  And bucking the trend of anointing European priests, we have the first Latin American pope (of European descent).  We will check in about whether this pope will bring change to Catholicism or the same old church.
3.  The sugary drink debate.
Localities around the country are trying to ban large size sugary drinks.  This week a New York judge threw out Big Apple’s attempt to cut down on sugar.  Are these policies part of the nanny state or a legitimate public safety policy?  Tune in tonight.
4.  A teen mother’s graduation in Miami.
Today we are taking a look at some innovative programs happening right here in Miami. The
Circle of Mama’s program is a six-week class that happens in a public school that serves as a magnet program for teen moms. Pregnant teens receive sisterhood and support as they prepare to become mothers – and also work to have a positive impact on racial health disparities and expose the girls to holistic birth care, breast feeding and midwifery care. We’ll talk to Anjali Sardeshmukh, co-founder of Mobile Midwives.