pic:Darren McCollester/Getty 1.  Beyond the Blame Game in the Boston Bombing The bombing at the Boston Marathon (also being called the “Patriot’s Day bombing) on Monday was a true tragedy.  The blame game (with scant evidence) since then has troubled many a person accustomed to seeing facts before pointing fingers. On the show tonight, we […]

1. An “Accidental Racist” sports a Confederate flag t-shirt to Starbuck’s & sings about it with LL Cool J… If you haven’t heard about Brad Paisley & Cool J’s collaboration, you can check all of the well meaning ridiculousness here (or below) or you can tune in tonight as we talk about all of this […]

  pic:desertpeace.wordpress.com 1.  What youth think about more armed “good guys” in their schools. Both Democratic politicians and NRA policy wonks have proposals to put armed “good guys” in school post-Newtown to stop school shootings.  But what do young people and the organization they work with think?  Did anyone bother to ask them?  Tune in […]