1. An “Accidental Racist” sports a Confederate flag t-shirt to Starbuck’s & sings about it with LL Cool J...

If you haven’t heard about Brad Paisley & Cool J’s collaboration, you can check all of the well meaning ridiculousness here (or below) or you can tune in tonight as we talk about all of this well meaning ridiculousness.  Guests include Southern-based author Tom Head and Charleston based businessmen Angel Quintero (Miami born) and Sherman Evans who founded Nu South apparel in an attempt to start a “New South Movement.”

2.  The Miami Dolphins revise their plans for a taxpayer handout, is it a thumbs up or thumbs down? 

A few weeks back, we talked with film director Billy Corben (The U, Cocaine Cowboys, Square Grouper, Broke, and Limelight) about the Miami Dolphins desire for taxpayer dollars to pay for making their stadium a bit prettier.  It seems like the Dolphins and our mayor reworked the deal.  Does it look any better for Miami?  We will find out when we talk with Billy again as well as State Representative Jose Javier Rodriguez.

3.  Obama’s new “Hope” to gut…we mean …”Change” Social Security.

The President has a plan to reduce the deficit. Part of his plan is this weird thing called a “Chained CPI” which when translated into English, many people believe means “gutting Social Security.”  Tune in tonight as we talk about whether the Prez’s new plan is political jiu-jitsu or just bad ju ju for our safety net.  Tune in as we talk to Dan Adcock from the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare.