Plus follow us on Facebook here,Twitter here or Soundcloud here. 1.  Walmart workers strike back and “ride for respect” We have been covering the fight of Walmart workers for a while now.  But this week, they started their first “prolonged strike” and a “ride for respect” to Walmart’s headquarters in Arkansas.  Tune in tonight as […]

Breaking News:  Charges dropped against Bartow, Fl teen Kiera Wilmot arrested for science experiment explosion.  Tune in tonight as we talk about it! plus 1.  When the IRS behaves badly The taxman is in the news this week for allegedly targeting nonprofit groups affiliated with the Tea Party for extra scrutiny.  But this isn’t the […]

pic:AFP/Scott Olson 1.  EXCLUSIVE!: An Army Reserve Captain speaks out about an alleged sexual assault and claims retaliation. Army Reserve Captain Marcelo Lucero comes from a military family. Yet he is risking his entire military career and then some to speak out about an alleged sexual assault and subsequent alleged failure to investigate/cover-up by the […]

1. A girl faces a felony for a science experiment gone wrong Bartow, Florida’s Kiera Wilmot is considered a great student from a good family.  Find out why this teenager faces jail-time and expulsion from school for a science experiment gone wrong.  Guests include Miami New Times writer Tim Elfrink, author Monique Morris and Southern […]