1. A girl faces a felony for a science experiment gone wrong
Bartow, Florida’s Kiera Wilmot is considered a great student from a good family.  Find out why this teenager faces jail-time and expulsion from school for a science experiment gone wrong.  Guests include Miami New Times writer Tim Elfrink, author Monique Morris and Southern Poverty Law Center’s Tania Galloni. If you feel moved, sign the Change.org petition here.
2.  When Guantanamo hunger strikers were Haitian
As the news is focusing on the suspected (sort of)-but-never-charged-as-terrorists men on hunger strike in Guantanamo today we will talk about the other notorious chapter of Guantanamo Bay’s history as we talk to Haitian Women for Haitian Refugee‘s Ninaj Raoul.
3.  Why the factory collapse in Bangladesh matters to Americans.
As the toll from a garment factory collapse in Bangladesh surpasses 400, we check in with Professor Nusrat Chowdhury (Umass-Amherst) and Sweatfree‘s Liana Foxvog on what Americans should do when workers that make the clothes they wear are hurt and killed in the process.
4.  Can IPADs and other tablets help Autistic folks?
The folks sponsoring an “Ipads for Autism” drive say yes.  Tune in to Dr. Robin Parker and co-founder of Vitacare and Ipads for Autism Andy Travaglia and hear why they are collecting “Ipads for Autism.”