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Hosted by Subhash Kateel
photo: Edmond Meinfelder
1.  The Immigration Bill: A Path to Citizenship, the Berlin Wall at the Border or Both?
Tune in as we talk to advocates across the country about the good, bad and ugly of the immigration bill that is making its way through congress.  Guests include Kyle de Beausset (, Isabel Garcia (Coalicion De Derechos Humanos), Kathy Bird (Florida Immigrant Coalition) & Gaby Pacheco (Bridge Project).
2.  A New Arab Spring in Egypt?
Barely two years after Egypt erupted in protests to depose a dictator, Egyptians are hitting the streets again.  Tune as we talk to Adel Iskander (author, Egypt in Flux) about what this means for everyday Egyptians.

Segment Co-Produced by Muhammed Malik

3.  A Post Racial America?  Maybe not in the tech sector.
The news as of late seemse to be poking holes in the idea of a post racial America.  Roy Singham and Chad Wathington of ThoughtWorks believe it never existed in the tech sector.  Tune in to find out what they have to say.