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Hosted by Subhash Kateel
Segments co-produced by Bruce Wayne Stanley and Muhammed Malik

1.  Tune
in tonight as we revisit Egypt with Adel Iskander, Tewfik Cassis and
Mark Levine after what Human Right’s Watch is calling “the
most serious incident of mass unlawful killings in modern Egyptian
history” as we ask if it’s spring has turned to winter.

2.  Next we will
check in with Phillip Agnew from Dream Defenders about their next steps
after ending their month-long occupation of Florida’s State Capitol.
Find out why NAACP’s Julian Bond exclaimed that they are “stopping a
protest because they started a movement.”

3.  Speaking of movements, we will
check in with the folks from Free Marissa Now and the New Jim Crow movement in Jacksonville about what they have planned
in an effort to free Marissa Alexander, who is serving 20
years in prison for firing a warning shot against an abusive spouse.

4.  Lastly, we will find out about Miami’s Greynold’s Park and why local
residents are fighting to save it.  With attorney Charles Barron, Bill Campbell and Kim Lumpkin of the committee to save Greynold’s Park.