Hosted by Subhash Kateel
Segments produced by Muhammed Malik and Aidil Oscariz
1.  Is the US really going to bomb Syria and is it really a good idea?  Tune in for what we hope is the realest talk you will find on Syria with Ramah Kudaimi, Sarab Al-Jijakli (National Alliance for Syria) and Robert Naiman (Just Foreign Policy).  Plus check out host’s last piece on Syria here.  check Sarab’s piece here and check Ramah’s piece here.
2. Then, tune in as we talk to the folks at Our Walmart, the National Guestworker Alliance and RISEP (the Research Institute for Social and Economic Policy) about Walmart employees, exploited Jamaican guestworkers in Panama City, Florida and the other new fights for working people’s rights to remember this labor day.