Articles 1.  What youth think about more armed “good guys” in their schools. Both Democratic politicians and NRA policy wonks have proposals to put armed “good guys” in school post-Newtown to stop school shootings.  But what do young people and the organization they work with think?  Did anyone bother to ask them?  Tune in […]

1.  Did Rick Ross spit a verse condoning date rape? Miami based Hip Hop superstar Rick Ross just dropped a verse on Atlanta-based artist Rocko’s track “U.O.E.N.O.,” that seems to clearly celebrate date rape.  Several voices have already spoken out about it.  But tonight as a Miami-based show, we want to have our say.  Don’t […]

1.  A 16-year old shot by the NYPD and a community outraged. On Saturday night, two NYPD officers shot and killed a teenage Brooklyn boy after claiming that he pointed that 16 year-old Kimani Gray aimed a handgun at the officers.  Conflicting witnesses and a damning autopsy report have enraged the Brooklyn neighborhood he called […]

1.  The Conservative Vicelords-Chicago’s gang-turned-community organization Two weeks ago, Bobby Gore passed away in Chicago.  He was one of the founders of the Conservative Vicelords, a faction of the Vicelords that transformed one of the oldest and most infamous of Chicago’s street gangs into a community based organization dedicated to empowering the Lawndale section of […]

1.  An ex-cop (and the reputation of the LAPD) unravel Tonight we talk about the presumed death of ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner, who went on a shooting rampage for several days after releasing this “manifesto” accusing the LAPD of extreme corruption.  The words “tragedy” and “expected” have been thrown around since word hit the press […]

1.  Why is the Post Office really cutting hours? We just heard today that we won’t be getting mail on Saturdays anymore, a move the US Postal Service says could save up to $2 billion a year. But why does the financially struggling agency need to save $2 billion a year in the first place?  […]