Family, as part of our end of the year appreciation/wrap-up, we compiled all of our segment on the worst of the worst 1%, or as we call them, “America’s Original Gangsters,” into one blog.  Listen to this (and our blog compilation of the  “Best of ‘When You’re Broke” series) and look forward to the New Year.

1. Cruise lines companies: The 1% Pirates north of the Caribbean?

Kevin Feeney of 1Miami
Tim Elfrink, reporter for the Miami New Times

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2. Sex crimes of the 1%
Christopher Mallios, former Philadelphia prosecutor now working with AEquitas
Juhu Thukral, New York Anti-Trafficking Coalition
Claire Potter, Professor of History and American Studies at Wesleyan University   
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3. LPS-Lender Processing Services aka Florida’s alleged Original 1% Gangsters 

Naked Capitalism’s Yves Smith
Foreclosure Hamlet founder Lisa Epstein
June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards, two former investigators with the Florida Attorney General’s office that were fired for investigating illegal activity by Lender Processing Services.

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4.  Private Prisons with no public good 
Bob Libal and Gail Tyree from Grassroots Leadership (check their other blog here)
Silky Shah from Detention Watch Network
Bill Discipio-resident of SW Ranches (check the blog here)
Kathy Bird from the Florida Immigrant Coalition and the CCA Go Away campaign.

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Thank you for listening and we will see you next year!

The 1%’s Private Prisons part I:
We have heard request after request from you, our listeners, to do a show on the private prison industry.  Like a lot of 1% bad business practices, the private prison industry has found a special friend in Florida.  GEO, one of the largest private prison companies in the world, is based in South Florida.  CCA, the other big private prison outfit is trying to build the largest private immigration detention center in a ruralesque S. Florida city better known for its horse ranches and famous athletes.  Are private prisons providing needed jobs and keeping communities safe or are they just making money from government bailouts and bad politics? We’ll find out. 
But first…
Can you tell the difference between quotes from a men’s magazine and a convicted rapist?
We hope you can, but most men surveyed in the UK couldn’t. We’ll talk about what this means about Men’s mags in the US. 
Before that…
An update on the Climate Conference in Durban, South Africa and some real talk on whether Lowe’s hates Muslim families, their money, or just controversy from a relatively tame new show on TLC, “All-American Muslim.”

President Newt?

For many people old enough to remember the Clinton years, Newt Gingrich was the brains behind a lot of what the right wing convinced America was right with conservative (Contract with America, Welfare Reform, etc.).  But beyond being a mad professor, he actually harnessed the power to make some of those ideas a reality.  Now he wants a chance to be president.   We will chat with some true believers and true people in disbelief about what a President Newt would mean for the country.
Then…Original Gangsters:  Are Florida’s 1% Screwing the Country? Part I.
Florida’s 1% enclaves have often been a haven for retired mobsters, ponzi schemers, pirates, drug lords and ex-dictators.  Why wouldn’t it also be a haven for bad businesses?  As part of a continuing series looking at Florida’s 1% we look at one business that has been accused of a bunch of shady foreclosures practices around the country, Florida based Lender Processing Services.  You don’t want to miss this.
Also…a special tribute to the life of Haitian Dominican activist Sonia Pierre.

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1.  Is this the end of Occupy or just the beginning?
On Tuesday, NYPD cops at the request of NY Mayor Mike Bloomberg raided Zuccotti Park and removed the protestors that had been Occupying Wall Street for almost two months. This just days after seemingly coordinated raids removed occupiers from their locations in Oakland, Portland and other cities.  Nationwide, a call is still going out for a massive November 17 day of action. Are this week’s events a sign of the beginning of the end for the Occupy movement or just the beginning of the beginning? We’ll talk about it…
2.  Sex Crimes of the 1%
The sex abuse controversy that unfolded this past week at Penn State reveals a few things: America’s love of sports and unevenness in reacting to sex offenses when the alleged perps are the rich or the powerful. On the show, we will talk about how we should approach sex crimes vs. how they are approached now whether the perps are the 1% or the 99%.
If you missed our tribute to Joe Frazier and Heavy D with Dave Zirin, Rebel Diaz, LaGuardia and others, click here and check out Dave Zirin’s other articles here.

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FAMILY! This show is gonna be live.   As part of our continued coverage of #Occupy, we will check in with folks at #OccupyMiami to see how things are going and then…

There are tumblr’s and tweets and anthems about the 99%.  But little attention has been paid in the past few weeks to taking hard looks at who makes up the 1% and what they do that is so damn objectionable.  On this show, we will take a little look at a few folks that fit that 1% tax bracket (but don’t pay that 1% tax).

 So while folks are out in the street trying to push for a change to the economic system, people are still broke and out of shape and their bodies can’t wait for change to come.  In our second segment of …”when you are broke,”  We will talk to friends of the show that can tell us how to stay in shape when the economy is down, you have no gym membership, and feel like you don’t have time.


Plus check out some love we got in the New Times yesterday here and here.


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