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1.  Is Miami’s Art Scene really benefiting all of Miami?

Just about the biggest thing in the art world, Art Basel, has landed in Miami this week.  While the producers at LTAI! are definitely going to soak in the festivities, not everyone in the city feels like the art scene has been good to everyone in Miami.  Tune in as we talk to artists, art dealers and researchers about the real impacts of art in Miami.  Guests include RISEP‘s researcher Marcos Feldman, Gallery Diet’s Nina Johnson Milewski, developer at Goldman Properties and Director of Wynwood Arts District Association John Furst, another Wynwood Developer and founder of Wynwood Arts District Association David Lombardi, Neil Hall of the Urban Collective and Art Africa Miami and Miami artist and head of Jakmel Art Gallery Jude PapaLoko.

Is Miami’s Art Scene really benefiting all of Miami?12-05-12 by Lets Talk About It!

2.  How to deal with losing a loved one.
Losing a family member or close friend can be one of the most traumatic experiences in your life.  But there are ways you can cope.  Tune in tonight as we talk with therapist and trauma specialist Martha Vallejo.

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Serge Toussaint mural located at 62nd Street and I95

11/30/2011 Show Links and Guests:Marshall Auerback of the Levy Institute spoke about Congress’s actions and how they affect the economy.Azadeh N. Shahshahani, National Security/Immigrants’ Rights Project Director joined us from the American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia to break down the National Defense Authorization Act.Aurelio Roman spoke about his Miami Graffiti History Project, featured at Bakehouse Art Complex (BAC). After our show, the Miami Herald featured our interview and spoke with Aurelio further about how gentrification affects Miami muralists and graffiti artists.Kathleen Carignan, Executive Director of LegalArt, told us about the support artists need and how this economic climate is affecting Miami’s artists.Serge Toussaint, muralist and sign painter, shared his experiences.Lissette Barros, painter and graphic designer discussed the differences between fine art and commercial art. Her t-shirt and fashion designs have been sold by retailers including Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Target, and Nordstrom.

Being an artist in a starving economy…

This week Art Basel is sweeping through Miami, making it a one time a year Mecca for modern art, art lovers and people that wear funny looking shoes.  But what does liking art and being an artist mean in these struggling times?  We will find out when we talk to modern artists, graffiti writers and others that try to reflect on the soul of our society.

But first…politicians that suck, part V…

Our politicians in Washington are having a real hard time fixing our economy and putting Americans back to work, as the whole super-committee stupidity demonstrates.  But those same politicians seem to have no problem coming together to pass laws that put US citizens in military prisons indefinitely.  Tune in as we talk about weird things that unite and divide Washington.

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