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1.  From Syria and Bahrain with Love:  If you want to hear Bassam Haddad (George Mason University), Sanjeev Bery (Amnesty International), Sarab Al-Jijakli (National Alliance for Syria), and Cole Bokenfeld (Project on Middle East Democracy) tell us about the situation in Syria and Bahrain, click here or press play below…

2.  Loving Valentine’s Day when your pocket is full of lint:  If you wanna hear Natalie McNeal (Frugalista Files) tell us how to celebrate V-day “being broke,” click here or press play below…

3. Finally if you want hear friends of the show, Juan Rodriguez and Felipe Matos, talk about their V-day love story one day after Cali’s prop 8 decision and quite a few days before that decision will have an effect on Floridians, click here or press play below.

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1.  When will it be spring in Syria and Bahrain?
The spirit of the Arab spring is definitely not over but the death toll is definitely growing higher.  We have heard a lot in the news about Syria, and almost nothing about Bahrain.  But what should people in this country watching the daily reports of death in Syria or the Bahrain media black-out think all of this?  Tune in as we talk about it…
2.  Celebrating Valentine’s when you are broke…
Nothing sucks more than being broke on holidays and sharing that broke-ness with people you love.  Just because Valentine’s day is commercial and excessive, it doesn’t mean that  you won’t catch hell for not celebrating it with your significant other.  As part of our ongoing, “when you are broke” series, we will talk a little bit about what to do for special someone with out spending so much.
3.  Cali’s Prop 8, America’s Valentine’s day, and a Florida love story…
With the news yesterday that a Federal judge in Cali threw out Prop 8, the ballot initiative turned law that outlawed same-sex marriages, a bunch of folks hit the streets celebrating.  But in Florida one couple is still dealing with the state law here and what trying to get married when the law says you can’t means, especially on Valentine’s day.  Tune in to hear their story.

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This last weeks show was crazy and insightful, as always.  Listen in as we talk to Maryam Khawaja, from the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, and the daughter of one of the regime’s earliest victims as we talk about the crisis in Bahrain.

And then listen in as we talk to Miami Dade Mayoral candidates Roosevelt Bradley and Luther Campbell (aka Luke, aka Uncle Luke) as we keep talking about the Miami Dade County Mayoral race and the fight for the future of South Florida.
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