Family, because we are sure you haven’t had enough news, information or opinion on the events in Boston, we wanted to dedicate a whole show to what America will or should look like after tragedy. 

1.  A Bostonian that knew both a perpetrator of the Boston bombing and a victim.
Call him Gee (that’s what he told us to call him).  Gee doesn’t feel good about the world this week.  In the past week, he found out that his close friend, 29 year-old Krystle Campbell, was killed when the Boston marathon was bombed.  That same week, he found out that one of the guys that trained at his gym, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was the person that probably killed her.  Please don’t miss this moving segment.
but first…
2. They can’t take away our FREEEEDOM!!!! Wait…can they?
It took only a few days after catching a suspect in the Boston bombing for one high profile politician to tell us that “our interpretation of the Constitution” has to change so that our cities can have “more cameras and that kind of stuff.”  But is he right? Do we really have to just deal with our cities being flooded with more cameras and surveillance?  We talk to Miami-based photojournalist (Photography is Not a Crime) and ask if the freedom to film us will ever go both ways.
3.  Were the Feds too busy creating fake terror plots to stop a real one?
A bunch of politicians and talking heads have raised a fuss about Tamerlan Tsarnaev being on a government watch-list for years without ever being busted for anything that could have prevented the Boston bombings from taking place.  What those folks forget to mention is that federal law enforcement agencies did spend years hiring informants and cooking up fake terror plots to try to catch aspiring terrorists.  Florida Center for Investigative Reporting’s Trevor Aaronson (author of the Terror Factory) tells us more tonight.
4.  Stopping Terrorism vs. Targeting Islam
Politicians and pundits can’t seem to understand the difference between promoting policies that stop people from being killed and promoting policies that target Muslims (and those that “look” like them) for being themselves.  Tonight we talk this through with UC-Irvine Professor of Middle East studies, Mark Levine and community activist Zahra Billoo.
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1.  Beyond the Blame Game in the Boston Bombing

The bombing at the Boston Marathon (also being called the “Patriot’s Day bombing) on Monday was a true tragedy.  The blame game (with scant evidence) since then has troubled many a person accustomed to seeing facts before pointing fingers. On the show tonight, we talk to writer and law professor Khaled Bey about the effect the blame game is having on Muslim Americans and American public as a whole. 
2.  The Stock Act & Legislating Corruption: the story you probably missed this week.
On Monday, while the world was understandably glued to their TV sets/laptops/smart phones watching the tragedy in Boston unfold, Congress and the White House were passing legislation that makes corruption in Washington a little easier. Find out more as we talk to the Center for Responsive Politics about the roll-back of the Stock Act.
3.  A new Immigration Reform blueprint unveiled.
Tune in as friend of the show Gaby Pacheco checks in about the new immigration proposal.  We also talk to members of the Martin County Tea Party, which held a rally at Senator Marco Rubio’s offices yesterday.  Finally, one little mention provision of the bill ends a program called the Diversity Lottery, which may have a huge impact on America’s African Immigrant communities.  Black Alliance for Just Immigration’s Gerald Lenoir chimes in.