1.  What youth think about more armed “good guys” in their schools.
Both Democratic politicians and NRA policy wonks have proposals to put armed “good guys” in school post-Newtown to stop school shootings.  But what do young people and the organization they work with think?  Did anyone bother to ask them?  Tune in tonight as we ask our friends from Power U in Miami.2.  A Private Prison company wanted to name a college stadium. Students said no.  Students won.

Several weeks ago, we covered the controversy in South Florida when Florida Atlantic University decided to take millions of dollars from Boca Raton-based GEO prison group, a notorious private prison company for naming rights to their sports stadium.  Just this week, we got word that GEO decided to back out of the deal after nationwide protests.  Hear from Arely Baugh (Stop Owlcatraz Coalition) about the students that stood up, said no and won.
3.  The Associated Press drops the I-word (illegal immigrant), people respond.

On Tuesday, the Associated Press (AP) announced that they will no longer recommend journalists use the word “illegal immigrant” in media publicatins.  The announcement was seen as a victory by many.  Tune in tonight as we hear from Rinku Sen (Colorlines Magazine, which launched The Drop the I-Word campaign),  Cris Lagunas (National Immigrant Youth Alliance), Dave Caukett (Floridians for Immigration Enforcement), Julio Calderon (Dream Defenders, Students Working For Equal Rights).  Julio will also tell us about the massive immigration march being held in Miami this weekend.

4.  Does immigration reform have a Gang (of 8) problem?

Just this week, the “Gang of 8” Senators charged with coming up with an immigration “compromise” said they were close to a deal.  One of them, Florida’s own Marco Rubio, disagreed.  The same week, Immigrant Rights activists held a protest in front of the New York offices of another “Gang” leader, New York Senator Chuck Schumer.  Is the fight for a new immigration system running into a “gang” problem?  We’ll find out as we talk to Newsweek/Daily Beast correspondent Michael Tomasky and Families For Freedom organizer Donald Anthonyson.

5.  A Cuban blogger/activist Yoani Sanchez comes to town, Cuban Americans react.

Just about the biggest news in Miami’s Cuban American community this week is that renowned Cuban blogger/activist Yoani Sanchez has come to town to talk freedom, expression and Cuba.  But the Cuban American community she is coming to is different from the Cuban American community of yesteryear.  Tune in as we talk to Cuban American independent researcher and curator, Elizabeth Ceredijo about Miami’s Cuban American reaction to the famed blogger.

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You can call this our foreign policy show if you want.  But if you live in Florida, nothing related to Cuba is foreign policy.  If you live in America, the stuff happening in Libya will probably have a huge impact in the long run on what happens with this country and how it relates to the world.  On this show, we are trying to figure out how we feel about two topics that folks should have an opinion on…
First: From Cuba With Love
For recent Cuban immigrants, President Obama’s easing of the restriction preventing Cuban families from visiting their relatives was a step in the right direction.  For some old school Cuban exilees, the travel restrictions were an important policy to isolate Castro.  Right now, there is a bill floating around Congress to bring back the travel restrictions.  We will here from our guests about what this might mean to the Cuban American community here and their families back home.
Then: From Libya with…?
We would be lying if we said we knew what to make of the situation in Libya.  But it seems like the Qadaffi (how the hell do you really spell his name?) era is coming to an end.  Was this an example of a “good” US and NATO intervention?  Is this going to be another disaster like Iraq?  How does this affect the average person in this country?  Should the average person here be pro or anti intervention?  Hopefully this show will iron some of this out.
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