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Hosted by Subhash Kateel.  Segments co-produced by Bruce Wayne Stanley

Tune in as we talk about the ongoing fight for Justice in Florida.   We will check in with Dream Defenders’ Phil Agnew about their recent victory. We will talk to the youth at Power U, who have joined the Dream Defenders in their ongoing occupation of Florida’s State Capitol, about their fight to stop the school-to-prison pipeline for Florida’s youth.  We will check in with State Senator Dwight Bullard about the ongoing fight to free Marissa Alexander from a 20 year prison sentence she received after firing a warning shot at an abusive husband.  We check in on the State’s plan to execute a severely mentally ill man, Jon Ferguson, who committed gruesome murders in 1977.  Finally, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac took taxpayer money when they were in trouble and now refuse to put money into a Federal trust fund for affordable housing.  Find out why Miami residents are suing the so that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac can pay us what they owe us.
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pic Florida Department of Corrections

Does a man who believes he is the “Prince of GOD,” who should have never been let out of a mental institution in the 70’s after a psychiatrist found him to be “grossly psychotic”, be put to death in Florida after committing a series a heinous murders nearly 30 years ago?

That is exactly what will happen to John Errol Ferguson if the State of Florida gets its way.  Remember, the question isn’t if John Ferguson should be let back onto the streets (so stop watching too much tv).  The question is, what justice, retribution or deterrence will be served by killing him? On our show yesterday, we had an exclusive interview with on of Mr. Ferguson’s attorneys, Ben Lewis.  For more background on the case, you can check out this piece by one of LTAI’s favorite Miami journalists, Tim Elfrink, or an op-ed in the Miami Herald by Fred Grimm.  Check out our interview with Ben Lewis below and tell us what you think.

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