January 25 @ 7pm EST

1.  Are casinos a bad bet for Miami?
Right now, there is a proposal in Florida’s state legislature to essentially turn Miami into Las Vegas on steroids.  Florida and Miami are barely recovering from one of the worst economic crises we have ever had.  Many people feel like we need something to boost the economy.  Others think that to do so is to invite each and every one of the deadly sins into our community.  What do you think?  Join us as we talk to people that are for, against, and in the middle of the great debate to bring destination gambling to the Magic City.

2.  Should corporations pay more to lobbyists than they pay in taxes?
Last night, Daily Show guest Elizabeth Warren mentioned a study that shows that some of the biggest corporations pay more to lobbyists that to the IRS.  Some of those corporations even received bail-out money from the government!  We’ll talk to the organization that wrote the report, the Public Campaign, on our show tonight.


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