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1.  Obama’s Immigration Announcement: A case of fighting for change vs. hoping for it?

By now you have heard that the President gave a major announcement last Friday that his immigration agencies would suspend the deportation of many undocumented youth who would be DREAM Act eligible (if the bill ever passed) and possibly give them permits to work legally. The announcement marked a major victory for immigrant rights groups that have fought a very aggressive battle against the President who many openly rooted for in 2008.  Tonight we will talk about what the new changes mean (with folks that agree and disagree with them) and talk to some of the people that helped make the “hope for change” move from rhetoric to reality.  We will see how these changes will affect other people that are still hoping.  Guests include Paromita Shah (National Immigration Project), Gaby Pacheco (United We Dream), Felipe Sousa-Rodriguez (Get Equal) and Steven Camorota (Center for Immigration Studies).
2.  UPDATE! CCA Went Away: the death of a detention center in SW Ranches
The same day that Obama made major immigration news, ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) also said that it will no longer try to build one of the largest private immigrant detention centers in SW Ranches, Broward County.  As one of the most faithful followers of the fight against the proposed CCA (Corrections Corporation of America) facility, we will check in with the organizers of that fight to see what the death of the detention center means for SW Ranch residents and others in the region.  Guests include Kathy Bird (CCA Go Away! campaign, Florida Immigrant Coalition) and Bill Discipio (SW Ranches resident).
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