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Hosted by Subhash Kateel
Segments co-produced by Bruce Wayne Stanley and Muhammed Malik

1.  Tune
in tonight as we revisit Egypt with Adel Iskander, Tewfik Cassis and
Mark Levine after what Human Right’s Watch is calling “the
most serious incident of mass unlawful killings in modern Egyptian
history” as we ask if it’s spring has turned to winter.

2.  Next we will
check in with Phillip Agnew from Dream Defenders about their next steps
after ending their month-long occupation of Florida’s State Capitol.
Find out why NAACP’s Julian Bond exclaimed that they are “stopping a
protest because they started a movement.”

3.  Speaking of movements, we will
check in with the folks from Free Marissa Now and the New Jim Crow movement in Jacksonville about what they have planned
in an effort to free Marissa Alexander, who is serving 20
years in prison for firing a warning shot against an abusive spouse.

4.  Lastly, we will find out about Miami’s Greynold’s Park and why local
residents are fighting to save it.  With attorney Charles Barron, Bill Campbell and Kim Lumpkin of the committee to save Greynold’s Park.

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Hosted by Subhash Kateel, segments co-produced by Aidil Oscariz and Muhammed Malik
1.  Our money in Egypt
With news coming out of Egypt that security forces killed at least 50 people just a week after the democratically elected head of Egypt forced out by a mix of a coup and mass protests.  Some Americans are asking themselves why we are giving the country almost $2 billion dollars a year.  Tune in as we talk to Robert Naiman of Just Foreign Policy.
2.  …and at the border
The big winner in the aftermath of the Senate clearing a massive immigration overhaul seems to be private companies that will benefit off of building the US’ new proposed Berlin Wall on steroids at the border.  We talk about who those companies are and what they are up to with
Grassroots Leadership’s Bob Libal and Researcher Nick Schwellenbach.
3.  Restoring what’s right
Jessica Chiappone (Florida Rights Restoration Coalition), even though she is a US citizen, has been fighting for years for the right to vote and the ability to practice law, all because of a felony conviction that she already served her time for.  Last week, she finally got her rights to vote and take the bar (among other things) restored.

plus, check in with CAIR-Florida’s Hassan Shibly about the continued force-feeding of hunger striking Guantanamo Detainees, as highlighted in a video with Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) below…

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Hosted by Subhash Kateel
photo: Edmond Meinfelder
1.  The Immigration Bill: A Path to Citizenship, the Berlin Wall at the Border or Both?
Tune in as we talk to advocates across the country about the good, bad and ugly of the immigration bill that is making its way through congress.  Guests include Kyle de Beausset (presente.org), Isabel Garcia (Coalicion De Derechos Humanos), Kathy Bird (Florida Immigrant Coalition) & Gaby Pacheco (Bridge Project).
2.  A New Arab Spring in Egypt?
Barely two years after Egypt erupted in protests to depose a dictator, Egyptians are hitting the streets again.  Tune as we talk to Adel Iskander (author, Egypt in Flux) about what this means for everyday Egyptians.

Segment Co-Produced by Muhammed Malik

3.  A Post Racial America?  Maybe not in the tech sector.
The news as of late seemse to be poking holes in the idea of a post racial America.  Roy Singham and Chad Wathington of ThoughtWorks believe it never existed in the tech sector.  Tune in to find out what they have to say.

FAMILY!  The show is up, listen to us talk about Egypt, taking back the land with Max Rameau, and taking back the holiday when you are broke with Bill Losey.  To hear the whole show, download the soundfile HERE or press play below…

To listen to the EGYPT SEGMENT with Egyptian-American activists Nermin Abdel-Wahab and Ayman El Sawa segment click here or press play below…

To listen to how people are fighting FORECLOSURES and keeping houses as HOMES, you can listen to a incredible interview with Miami’s own Max Rameau (Take Back the Land, Movement Catalyst), Kevin Feeney (1Miami), Christine Weinbrect and the Bienne-Aime family (Occupy Ft. Lauderdale), and Miami Workers Center activists Mary Trody and Trenise Bryant at a Floridians for a Fair Settlement action by downloading here or pressing play below…

To listen to an helpful interview by Bill Losey about handling the holidays when broke click here or press play…

Wednesday, Dec. 21 @ 7pm EST

How to have happy holidays when you are broke…
As part of our ongoing “when you are broke” series, we will talk with Bill Losey, formerly of CNBC, about spending, saving, avoiding debt, and all of that during Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, Solstice, and just “give me presents” day.

But first… Keeping houses occupied as homes over the holidays
Our governments and banks have down about as much to stem the tide of people getting kicked out of their homes as they have finding life on Planet Pandora (if you have to look, it doesn’t exist).  But that hasn’t stopped everyone from the Occupy movement, to community organizations, to everyday people from taking things into their own hands and taking back their own land.  Well that trend started right here is Miami, with “Take Back The Land” founder Max Rameau.  We will speak to folks that are fighting foreclosures the hard way now.  And we will have a sort of homecoming interview with Max about whether Occupying homes will be the new occupation for 99%-ers (check our first interview with him a year and a half ago here).

But first first…Egypt democracy redux…again
We were one of the first radio shows to bring you the fight for democracy in Egypt as it was just beginning.  But it seems like the current temporary/wannabe permanent rulers of the largest country in the Middle East (and Africa’s second largest) keep confusing their “d” words (democracy, dictatorship, despotism, doubling down on dissent).  We will talk to Egyptian American activists about the today and tomorrow of the ongoing struggle for democracy.

plus check our last last show here…

WEDNESDAY Nov. 23 @ 7pm EST
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Tune in on the day before Thanksgiving as we revisit what the holiday means for some of us.  Is it just a springboard for Christmas shopping, an ode to genocide, a defacto family reunion day?  Let’s Talk About It!  But first…

During the Arab spring, our show on the Egypt uprisings talked about that country’s struggle for Democracy.  As of this week, it seems like that struggle is no where near to being finished.  We have seen Tahrir Square refilled, hospitals lined with victims of tear gas and rubber bullets, and at least 40 deaths at the hands of Egyptian police and military.  We will revisit Egypt today to hear what news the struggle for democracy there will bring tomorrow.

You know the routine. Tune In! Call In! Let’s Talk About It!

WEDNESDAY Nov. 23 @ 7pm EST

or tune in locally (Miami) to 880 AM

Wed., February 2 at 7pm
880thebiz.com, 880 AM (S. Florida), or just click here.

Over the past couple of weeks, we saw a huge popular uprising peacefully (mostly) overthrow the President/Dictator of Tunisia.  As it was happening, a lot of Americans were asking themselves “Where is Tunisia?”  Now it seems that popular revolts are spreading throughout North Africa and the Middle East to countries most Americans are familiar with, like Egypt.  It seems like no dictator or king is safe in the region, even the ones like Egypt’s Mubarak that have received billions in support from the US government.  Meanwhile in the US, there is a mix of emotions ranging from excitement to extreme concern to confusion.  So what the hell is happening in the Middle East anyway?  How does it affect us?  Should we be happy or horrified?

Well folks, you know what we say…Let’s Talk About It!  Join us as we talk to Professor Abdy Javadzadeh, Asmaa Metwally, and a couple of surprise guests including some voices directly in Alexandria, Egypt.

Plus we really want to hear from you!

You know the time: Wednesday at 7 p.m. EST. You know the place: 880thebiz.com or 880 AM (S. Florida) or letstalkaboutit.info…

Just tune in! Call-in! and Let’s Talk About It!

Plus, if you missed our last show, check out Mara’s blog and listen to the last show on gun control here.