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1.  Are Casinos a Good or Bad Bet for Miami?  Listen to entrepreneur Norman Braman,  Dr. Gregory Bush (Prof. at University of Miami and blog Common Sense Miami), Oliver Gilbert III (Councilman of Miami Gardens and Member of Miami Dade Black Caucus), Mayor Cindy Lerner (Pinecrest) Prof. Robert Jarvis (Nova School of Law), Barry Johnson (Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce),  and make your decision.  Click here to download or press play below.

2. Should Corporations pay more for lobbyists than they do in taxes?  Listen to Tam Doan from the Public Campaign talk about their report as mentioned by Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren on the Daily Show two nights ago.  Click here or press play below

3.  Finally listen to Lynn Purvis of Occupy Palm Beach give an update on the GAIM conference and Jeff Weinberger of Occupy Fort Lauderdale update us about their anti-foreclosure work.  Click here or press play below.

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 Family, we want to ask you a question.  Who can talk to the Young Republicans, the Tea Party, the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, and members of the Occupy Movement all on one show?  We can, that’s who!  If you missed our show and want to hear the whole thing, download the sound file here or press play below

1.  Iowa Caucus update:  If you want to listen to Bradley Gerber from the Miami Young Republicans and friend of the show and Florida Tea Party Patriots chair Everett Wilkinson chop it up about the Iowa Republican Caucuses, click here or press play below

2.  If you want to hear about how Occupy Des Moines and other ticked off fed up Iowans tried to “OCCUPY THE CAUCUS,” you can listen to David Goodner from Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement by clicking here or pressing play below

3.  The NDAA
Listen to Shahid Buttar from the Bill of Rights Defense Committee break down the”No Democracy for America…”, I mean the “National Defense Authorization Act” (or NDAA) and how some politicians have a dream that one day all Tea Partiers, Occupiers, Hippies, Fundies, Peaceniks, and Redstaters can all come together and share one jail cell…without trial…indefinitely.  We even had one caller, a veteran, with some choice words for our politicians.  Download the clip here or press play below.

4.  A Good House “Keeping” update: The eviction of Angela Samuels blocked by community
If you want to hear about how 1Miami, Occupy Miami, the Miami Workers Center, and several other organizations came together to stop a post-holiday foreclosure/eviction/house-jacking, click here or press play below.

The show is dedicated to the memory of Rev. Doug Diehl, father of our Co-Host Kim Diehl, who passed away over the holidays.  May you rest until risen.

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WED. January 4 @ 7pm EST
We are glad to be back and ready to bring you the radio realness you have come to expect from us…
1.  Do you care about the Iowa caucuses?
You know we had to talk about the elections some time.  And what better time than the day after Iowa’s Republican caucuses?  Everyone keeps talking about the caucuses like they are a reality TV show.  Whether that is true or not, we keep forgetting that the outcome of the race just might determine who will run the country next year.  Join us as we talk to Bradley Gerber from the Miami Young Republicans and friend of the show Everett Wilkinson from the Florida Tea Party Patriots.
2.  NDAA: the National Defense Authorization Act or the “No Democracy for America Act?”
Over the holidays, while most of us were relaxing (or arguing) with our families, the President signed the most controversial piece of legislation since the Health Care reform bill.  The NDAA gives the government the right to detain American citizens indefinitely.  What was Obama thinking?  Is this as bad as it sounds?  Is this really the death of democracy and due process?  What ever happened to that Bill of Rights thing anyway?  We’ll talk about it with Shahid Buttar from the Bill of Rights Defense Committee.
3.  More good House”keeping”
Last year we brought you the case of Angela Samuels, a Miami native facing eviction from her home of 40 years.  People fought hard to keep her in her home only for things to come to a head two days into the New Year. We’ll give you updates about her case.
4.  New Year’s Resolutions & Predictions…
We resolve to be resolute about bringing you the realest radio possible.  What’s your resolution? Any predictions for the year? Peace in the Middle East? The world falls to pieces? President Santorum?  Occupy Hollywood? Holler at us and let us know.
You already know the time, you already know the place now…Tune In! Call In! and Let’s Talk About It!
Plus check our two end of the year wrap-ups, “The Best of When You’re Broke” and our “Best of the Worst 1%”

Dear Family,

In time for the new year, we wanted to thank you for listening to us.  We decided to compile all of the shows from our ongoing and critically acclaimed (by official broke people everywhere) “when you’re broke” segments into one big blog.  Check it out.  We also compiled of “Best of the Worst of the 1%” HERE.  Thanks for listening and Happy New Year!

1. Food: Buying, cooking, and eating it when you got no cash
Courtenay Strickland from Common Threads
Alejandro Cantagallo, Chef and Culinary Instructor
Alex Cuevas, Owner of Choices Vegan Cafe
Dr. Marvin Dunn, Founder of Roots in the City, check out their website for Overtown’s Farmer’s Market hours


2. Fitness when you have no funds

Joseph Phelan, a Miami Crossfit trainer
Beverley Bradley of Underground Physique in Brooklyn
Jitu Sadiki, a community organizer in California working with formerly incarcerated people talking about the “prison work-out”


3. Defending yourself against them damn debt collectors

Herman de Jesus of the Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project (NEDAP) talked about what to do when you get calls from debt collectors: your rights and how to write a dispute letter, the law, resources for free legal assistance, free credit reports and referrals to private consumer law attorneys.


4. Good House”keeping” by fighting eviction and foreclosure

Luis Daniel Caridad, Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project (NEDAP)
Purvi Shah, Florida Legal Services-Community Justice Project
Shannan Reaze, Let’s Talk About It!


5. Handling the holidays when you are broke

Bill Losey, financial adviser


Finally, even though Art Basel is over, don’t forget our guide “Basel when Broke.”

We thank everyone for tuning in this year and can’t wait for next year.  Let’s Talk About It!

Family, as part of our end of the year appreciation/wrap-up, we compiled all of our segment on the worst of the worst 1%, or as we call them, “America’s Original Gangsters,” into one blog.  Listen to this (and our blog compilation of the  “Best of ‘When You’re Broke” series) and look forward to the New Year.

1. Cruise lines companies: The 1% Pirates north of the Caribbean?

Kevin Feeney of 1Miami
Tim Elfrink, reporter for the Miami New Times

Download segment HERE or press play below.

2. Sex crimes of the 1%
Christopher Mallios, former Philadelphia prosecutor now working with AEquitas
Juhu Thukral, New York Anti-Trafficking Coalition
Claire Potter, Professor of History and American Studies at Wesleyan University   
Download segment HERE or press play below.

3. LPS-Lender Processing Services aka Florida’s alleged Original 1% Gangsters 

Naked Capitalism’s Yves Smith
Foreclosure Hamlet founder Lisa Epstein
June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards, two former investigators with the Florida Attorney General’s office that were fired for investigating illegal activity by Lender Processing Services.

Download segment here or press play below.

4.  Private Prisons with no public good 
Bob Libal and Gail Tyree from Grassroots Leadership (check their other blog here)
Silky Shah from Detention Watch Network
Bill Discipio-resident of SW Ranches (check the blog here)
Kathy Bird from the Florida Immigrant Coalition and the CCA Go Away campaign.

Download segment HERE or press play below.

Thank you for listening and we will see you next year!


If you missed the show, you missed some of the realest talk on radio.  To listen to the whole show, click here or press play below

If you just wanna check the segment on Florida’s alleged Original 1% Gangsters aka LPS-Lender Processing Services (you really don’t wanna miss it), click here or press play below

On the show we had a quick check in about some actions in the name of the 99% taking place in Washington DC and Broward County.  We then had a guest commentator on the show, Juan Gil along with Charles Heck to have a quick conversation about President Newt: why or why not?  It was nothing if not entertaining.

In our opinion, the real highlight of the show came as part of our first installment of “Original Gangsters: Are Florida’s 1% Screwing America?”, we talked in great detail about the not talked about enough Florida-based foreclosure firm, Lender Processing Services.  This true story of what some would call the shadiest foreclosure outfit in the country has every element of a mobster movie, persistent organized illegal behavior, bought off politicians, and a mysterious death of a whistleblower.  Except the allegations are real.  The guests on the segment included Naked Capitalism’s Yves Smith, and activist and Foreclosure Hamlet founder Lisa Epstein.  The segment got really interesting when we interviewed June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards, two former investigators with the Florida Attorney General’s office that were fired for doing their jobs-investigating illegal activity by Lender Processing Services-too well.  Incidentally Florida’s new Attorney General, Pam Bondi received campaign contributions from guess who?  Listen to the show to find out.

On the show, we also gave a short tribute to a great human rights warrior, Haitian-Dominican activist Sonia Pierre, who passed away at the age of 48 this week.  Read a great tribute to her here.

If you like what you hear on our show, please spread the word.  If you like it enough, consider contributing so that we may keep bringing real radio that talks about real issues that affect the lives of real people.

Plus we found Lender Processing Services’ new theme song (what we think it is anyway).  WARNING: the lyrics in the song are explicit and may be offensive.  Maybe not as offensive as the allegations against Lender Processing Services but still.  The song is from Hip Hop artist Immortal Technique (available for download here)  and it’s called “Rich Man’s World-1%.”