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1.  The thrill of victory: DOMA found unconstitutional
Earlier today, the Supreme Court found the “Defense of Marriage Act” (DOMA) unconstitutional.  Tonight we talk about what this victory means for LGBTQ folks and America as a whole.  Guests include: Felipe Sousa-Rodriguez (Get Equal), Isabel Sousa-Rodrigruez, Kenyon Farrow.
2.  The Agony of Defeat: a portion of the Voting Rights Act found unconstitutional
We will also find out why the Supreme Court’s decision on the Voting Rights Act is being called the “body blow to Dr. King’s Dream.”  With guest Antonia Gonzalez (Southwest Voter Registration Education Project).
3.  Trayvon’s Killer’s Trial
We will also have an update on the trial of the man that shot Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman. Guests include attorney for Trayvon Martin’s family Jasmine Rand (Parks & Crump attorneys-at-law, & Phillip Agnew (Dream Defenders).

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1.  Did Rick Ross spit a verse condoning date rape?
Miami based Hip Hop superstar Rick Ross just dropped a verse on Atlanta-based artist Rocko’s track “U.O.E.N.O.,” that seems to clearly celebrate date rape.  Several voices have already spoken out about it.  But tonight as a Miami-based show, we want to have our say.  Don’t miss this segment.
2.  Jose Machado speaks on a Miami march for immigrant rights.
On April 6th, Miami is joining cities across the country in a massive march for immigrant rights.  Hear why Students Working for Equal Rights member Jose Machado is marching.
3.  Gay Marriage, Marriage Equality and the Supreme Court
This week, the Supreme Court is hearing arguments on Federal and State laws banning Gay marriage.  On the show, we talk with folks in the for, against and “for but…” camp about their thoughts on what may be one of the most important Supreme Court decisions of the year.Guests include community activist Tobias Packer, Christian Family Coalitions Anthony Verdugo & Gender Justice LA’s Rodrigo Lehtinen.

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Well it depends on what state you live in.  If you live in New York, Gay folks can now get married, but you can still get arrested for filming the cops arresting somebody (like this).

But if you live in Florida, both could probably land you in jail.

Join us for the first episode of the second season of Let’s Talk About It! as we talk about Marriage Equality, Same Sex Marriage, Gay Marriage, living In sin or whatever the hell you call it…just tune in and call in!  Is the victory in New York a victory for you or a sign of the decline of Western Civilization?  What does it mean for other states like Florida?


In the past year, dozens of people have been arrested for filming the police while on duty.  Some like Anthony Graber, a sergeant with the Maryland Air National Guard, almost faced 16 years in prison just for filming police as they were pulling him over.  The story hit close to home in Miami when on Memorial Day weekend, Narces Benoit filmed police firing 100 shots into a car of a man who led them on a dangerous high speed chase. Benoit and his girlfriend were arrested, but later let go for filming what you see below (note: the film is intense).  Why are people being arrested for filming the police?  Is it people’s right to film the police while they are on duty or does filming the police make us all less safe?   Join us as we talk about two topics that hit at the heart of what rights we have and don’t have. 


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Now some of the images of people getting arrested while filming the police…