1. Ozzie Guillen, the Miami, and the team we hate to love.
The Miami Marlins can’t seem to earn the admiration of Miamians, and this week was no exception.  This time, the fuss erupted over comments made by Guillen, claiming that he “respected” Castro.  The word in the press is that the entire Cuban American community is in an uproar.  But is that the only story?  Are there other, better reasons to hate the Marlins as well?  Join us as we talk to several local Cuban Americans, including multi-media journalist Carlos Miller (Photography Is Not A Crime), attorney Ricky Rodriguez Vacas, and others.  We will also hear from friend of the show and prolific sports writer, Dave Zirin (Edge of Sports).
2.  Is there a GOP war on women?
This year, especially at the state level, several bills, authored by Republican politicians, restricting all sorts of things related to reproductive health were either pushed or successfully passed into law.  It begged the question, is the GOP at war with women?  That question created an intense debate.  Tonight we want to bring that debate to the airwaves to let our listeners decide.  So is the GOP at war with women?  Tune in and find out.  Guests include political strategist Krystal Ball and Ashley Intartaglia (Tampa Bay Young Republicans).
We will also check in briefly on the ongoing fight for justice in the case of Trayvon Martin and see how Miami is holding one of its biggest corporate tax dodgers accountable.
You know the rules…tune in, call in and Let’s Talk About It!