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1.  Did Walker win Wisconsin because he had the money or because the Democrats sort of sucked?
Last year, Wisconsin erupted when its controversial Governor tried to take out worker rights such as collective bargaining, occupying the Capital before occupying became a thing.  What happened next was a recall.  But after spending record money in the race, Governor Scott Walker came out victorious.  Is that the only story being told?  Listen to excerpts.
 2.  The Anatomy of a Gang Truce
LA-originated-turned-multinational rival gangs MS-13 and 18th street are often considered among the most “notorious” in the world, especially in their “native” country of El Salvador.  But something else is happening that has the potential to bring peace to streets across Central America and the United States, a historic gang truce.  Listen as we talk about a true attempt at anti-violence and a real road to redemption from El Salvador to LA and then some.  Guests include Alex Sanchez (Homies Unidos),  Luis Rodriguez (Tia Chucha Cultural Center) and Aquil Basheer (Maximum Force).

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