It has been a couple weeks since we have talked and just like we told you, the world didn’t end.  But there are still plenty of things to talk about.
1.  Did we get hustled on the fiscal cliff “deal?”
As we told you before, the whole fiscal cliff crisis was probably a fake crisis to begin with, a 2012 version of the y2k bug (if you are too young to remember, google it).  At any rate, it seems like our politicians came to consensus to avert whatever crisis was suppose to happen, real or imagined.  On our show tonight, we ask Matthew Stoller (Roosevelt Institute) and Nicole Woo (Center for Economic and Policy Research) how much working Americans got hustled in this “crisis” averting deal.  Don’t miss this segment.

2.  How do you keep a New Year’s resolution to be healthy?
If you made a New Years resolution, there is a chance that it had something to do with being healthy, gaining/losing weight, or getting in shape.  For a lot of us, those resolutions are the hardest to keep.  Tonight, we check in with nutritionist and author, Dr. Keith Kantor and personal trainer/martial arts/friend of the show Beverley Sher Bradley (Underground Physique) about how to keep a New Year’s resolution to get in and stay in shape.


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FAMILY! Last week, we had a whole show on #occupywallstreet and other #occupy movements going on around the country. We also unnveiled an anthem for the 99% of us “hustling, struggling and treading water,”courtesy of us, Laguardiaworld.com and producer Devin Arne. On our show tonight we got a bunch of stuff for you to talk about and listen to.


Why #Occupy the Sunshine State?

We got feedback from our Florida listeners asking us to talk more about what’s happening here. We got feedback from our non-Florida listeners asking us what the hell Floridians had to complain about. To them, we have no snow, no Wall Street, and a bunch of beaches. Well I could tell you all the things that Florida has to be mad at, but I would rather have our friends over here do it. Join us as we talk about why Floridians and Miamians are so so angry, they would rather #occupy stuff than go to Disney World or the beach.

We Are The 99% Hip Rock mix tonight!
Thanks to you, our Anthem, broke 1000 views on youtube. But we were just getting started and our family down here (Laguardia and superproducer Devin Arne) decided to create a HipRock remix with Fernando Castro…Check it out on our show tonight…it will be fire!

Breaking Bread When You’re Broke or “99 Ways to cook Ramen noodles…” (LaGuardia from “We Are the 99%)

As part of our new “when you’re broke segment,” we wanted to talk about food, and what to do about it when you are short on funds. The average family (depending on what you mean by average) can spend anywhere from 12% to 30% of their income on food. While most expenses like rent, electricity, and the cable bill (does being broke mean no telenovelas or Breaking Bad?) are fixed, food is one of those things that can have some wiggle room in your budget. Does that mean a lot of $1 cheeseburgers at McDonald’s? Is it possible to eat healthy and cheap? How do you do that when the only thing free range in your neighborhood are rats and the only thing grass-fed are stray dogs (we won’t even)? Well tonight we are gonna chop it up with a chef or two about how to eat to live, while saving a little bit of bread.

You know the routine…Tune in! Call In! and Let’s Talk About It!


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