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Hosted by Subhash Kateel
Produced by Aidil Oscariz, Bruce Wayne Stanley & Muhammed Malik

We know, we know.  Our show’s technical difficulties last week shut us down right as we were talking about the government being shutdown.  But we are back this week.

1.  We check in with Nicole Woo of the Center for Economic and Political Research on our government as the shutdown hits its second week.

2. We report back from the #JusticeforReefa march through Miami Beach on the 2 month anniversary of Israel “Reefa” Hernandez’s alleged tasing death at the hands of Miami Beach police veteran Jorge Mercado.  Our guests are Israel’s family attorney Jose Javier Rodriguez and Israel’s sister Offir Hernandez.  Plus, this week the family is asking everyone to make calls to Miami prosecutor (State Attorney) Katherine Fernandez-Rundle demanding that the officer who killed Israel Hernandez be charged.  Get more info here.

3. We talk to filmmaker Angad Bhalla (Director of Herman’s House) about about Herman Wallace, a man who spent 40 years in solitary confinement in a Louisiana prison, had a judge order his release last week, and died two days later.

4.  While almost everyone knows about the government shutdown, few people know that some
politicians are still at work pushing a
NAFTA-like fake free trade agreement on steroids, the #TPP (Trans-Pacific
.  Rep. Alan Grayson, Margaret Flowers (Flush the TPP), David Christoper(Open Media) & D’Marie Mulattieri (Expose the TPP) will tell us more.