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Hosted by Subhash Kateel.  Segments co-produced by Bruce Wayne Stanley

Tune in as we talk about the ongoing fight for Justice in Florida.   We will check in with Dream Defenders’ Phil Agnew about their recent victory. We will talk to the youth at Power U, who have joined the Dream Defenders in their ongoing occupation of Florida’s State Capitol, about their fight to stop the school-to-prison pipeline for Florida’s youth.  We will check in with State Senator Dwight Bullard about the ongoing fight to free Marissa Alexander from a 20 year prison sentence she received after firing a warning shot at an abusive husband.  We check in on the State’s plan to execute a severely mentally ill man, Jon Ferguson, who committed gruesome murders in 1977.  Finally, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac took taxpayer money when they were in trouble and now refuse to put money into a Federal trust fund for affordable housing.  Find out why Miami residents are suing the so that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac can pay us what they owe us.
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WED. January 4 @ 7pm EST
We are glad to be back and ready to bring you the radio realness you have come to expect from us…
1.  Do you care about the Iowa caucuses?
You know we had to talk about the elections some time.  And what better time than the day after Iowa’s Republican caucuses?  Everyone keeps talking about the caucuses like they are a reality TV show.  Whether that is true or not, we keep forgetting that the outcome of the race just might determine who will run the country next year.  Join us as we talk to Bradley Gerber from the Miami Young Republicans and friend of the show Everett Wilkinson from the Florida Tea Party Patriots.
2.  NDAA: the National Defense Authorization Act or the “No Democracy for America Act?”
Over the holidays, while most of us were relaxing (or arguing) with our families, the President signed the most controversial piece of legislation since the Health Care reform bill.  The NDAA gives the government the right to detain American citizens indefinitely.  What was Obama thinking?  Is this as bad as it sounds?  Is this really the death of democracy and due process?  What ever happened to that Bill of Rights thing anyway?  We’ll talk about it with Shahid Buttar from the Bill of Rights Defense Committee.
3.  More good House”keeping”
Last year we brought you the case of Angela Samuels, a Miami native facing eviction from her home of 40 years.  People fought hard to keep her in her home only for things to come to a head two days into the New Year. We’ll give you updates about her case.
4.  New Year’s Resolutions & Predictions…
We resolve to be resolute about bringing you the realest radio possible.  What’s your resolution? Any predictions for the year? Peace in the Middle East? The world falls to pieces? President Santorum?  Occupy Hollywood? Holler at us and let us know.
You already know the time, you already know the place now…Tune In! Call In! and Let’s Talk About It!
Plus check our two end of the year wrap-ups, “The Best of When You’re Broke” and our “Best of the Worst 1%”

FAMILY!  The show is up, listen to us talk about Egypt, taking back the land with Max Rameau, and taking back the holiday when you are broke with Bill Losey.  To hear the whole show, download the soundfile HERE or press play below…

To listen to the EGYPT SEGMENT with Egyptian-American activists Nermin Abdel-Wahab and Ayman El Sawa segment click here or press play below…

To listen to how people are fighting FORECLOSURES and keeping houses as HOMES, you can listen to a incredible interview with Miami’s own Max Rameau (Take Back the Land, Movement Catalyst), Kevin Feeney (1Miami), Christine Weinbrect and the Bienne-Aime family (Occupy Ft. Lauderdale), and Miami Workers Center activists Mary Trody and Trenise Bryant at a Floridians for a Fair Settlement action by downloading here or pressing play below…

To listen to an helpful interview by Bill Losey about handling the holidays when broke click here or press play…

TONIGHT!  Wed. Nov. 2 @ 7pm

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Ill Communications Part I
The “Occupy” movement has fostered new methods to communicate the 99% message to the 99% using old vehicles like newspapers and comic books…yep comic books.  As part of our ongoing coverage of Occupy, we will check in with the folks from Occupied Wall Street Journal and Occupy Comix about the why and the how of Communications, 99%-style.
and then…
House Keeping “when you’re broke”
As part of our continuing, “when you are broke” segment, we won’t talk about cleaning your house.  You can figure that part out by yourself.  Instead, we will touch on how to keep your house.  Please don’t miss it if you need it.
You know the drill…
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TONIGHT!  Wed. Nov. 2 @ 7pm

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FIRST: Is Our Economy Crashing? with Van Jones and Marshall Auerback …
Folks, tonight’s show is gonna be a big one!  On Monday, the stock market plunged to one of its lowest points in years after the S&P credit agency downgraded America’s credit rating.  This only confirmed what regular people across the country already knew, our economy still sucks and our elected officials can’t or won’t seem to do anything about it.  Well what can we do about it?  We will talk to two guest, economist Marshall Auerback and special guest Van Jones to talk about how the Contract for the American Dream just might give folks a way to do something about the mess we are in.
England is Under Fire…For Real
Unless you have been under a rock for the passed couple of days, you have probably heard that England has been rocked by some of the worst rioting and street violence it has seen in years.  What caused it?  What will fix it?  Is the British press right about it just being about hooligans that want free stuff?  Are the youth workers right about it being about deep seated grievances that are just starting to unearth themselves?  Does any of this have anything to really do with the death of Mark Duggan (the young man killed by the Police in Tottenham-the birthplace of the riots).
Join us as we hear from two guests: film director and lifelong Tottenham resident Ben Peters and political analyst Sukant Chandan.  We will also here from Ann Collins, a Professor of Political Science at McKendree University who has done extensive research on riots in the US
You don’t want to miss this show!
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On the show, we had Max Rameau from Take Back The Land, Shannan Reaze Human Rights organizer extraordinaire, and Nicollo Mena a person with a 365 degree view of the housing crisis from the inside.

The show was title:  “Is the Housing Crisis YOUR Fault?” The show was great.  I think it is rare that you get such different and deep perspectives on the housing crisis.  So please give it a listen.
For those that caught the show, thank you.
In case you didn’t, you can check it here
We immediately received alot of feedback from the show.  Keep checking back on this site over the next day or two and I’ll put up some responses to feedback.  The feedback that struck me the most was from our own sound engineer.  He really liked the last show on the tea party.  After this show, I asked him how he liked it. He told me “You know, I think it was good.  But so much of this stuff goes over my head.  I would be lying if I said I understood it all.  I guess they [the folks that ruined the economy] don’t want us to understand these things.”  Dead on.

Lets Talk About It is dedicated to getting all of us regular human beings to understand the complex stuff that affects our day-to-day.  So I want folks to listen to the show, but I think, moving forward, it is our responsibility to help break things down even more.

As a first step, the big one, the Federal Reserve.  I am gonna come back to this.  But in the meantime check this Nation article on the Federal Reserve.  It clearly hates the Fed but begins to break it down.

Also, check these things we called required viewing below. 
Subprime mortgage lending crisis cartoon with narration.

Jon Stewart on Rick Santelli who asks, “Should we bailout loser homeowners!?”

Subhash Kateel’s spin on the crisis: