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1. Are ICE’s “Cross Check” raids a doublecross?

ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) claims that the people that it picked up in its most recent high profile operation, “Cross Check,” were folks that “you definitely wouldn’t want to live next to.” Never the show to take the government at their word, we decided to talk about who was really detained and discussed this issue with Jessica Vaughn of the Center for Immigration Studies and Donald Anthonyson of Families for Freedom. Jessica explained why she supported the action and explains why she believes that the problem with the Obama Administration’s approaches to ICE raids, like Cross Check is that they don’t detain enough people. Donald tells us why he disagrees and why he believes that raids like these, that brand those detainees as the “worst of the worst,” end up dehumanizing people we would, and do, live next door to.

One of those people that we would want to live next to is apparently the father of Sgt. Marc Suarez, A veteran who recently returned from Afghanistan, Marc challenges the notion that those that were picked up in the Operation Cross Check were all the “worst of the worst” criminals by telling us about his father who was picked up in this most recent operation. Suarez explains that his father was on ICE’s radar for a drug offense that happened 14 years ago and even though he had completely changed his life since then he was picked up anyway. Alina Das, a Professor of Law at NYU, also calls in to discuss the broken immigration system in the U.S. and tells our listeners that there is no correlation between how undocumented immigrants are treated in the United States and how difficult it is immigrate to the U.S. legally.  To hear this segment, click here or press play below.-

ALSO: After the show, there were many people that wanted to know how they can support Sgt. Suarez’s fight to keep his father here. If you are one of them, you can visit his petition on by CLICKING HERE. UPDATE:  Sgt. Suarez emailed me last night last night to tell me that, due to all of your efforts, his father was released from ICE custody (although his case is not finished)!  He wanted to pass along his gratitude to all of our listeners that signed and circulated his petition and for all of your thoughts.

2. Is the SCOTUS Stripping the Bill of Rights?

Looks like the Supreme Court is at it again and this time it’s the fourth amendment that’s being attacked. In the Court’s decision in Florence V. Board of Chosen Freeholders they decided that strip searches of people in jail, whether or not they’re guilty or have even been charged…of anything, were constitutional. The lawyer representing Florence in the case, Susan Chana Lask, joined us to discuss the case and what it means for all of us and our rights. Shahid Buttar of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee also calls in to tell us that the Supreme Court is out of touch with Americans on the ground and confirms Subhash’s suspicion that we are all indeed going to hell.  To listen to the show, download it here or press play below.

There are a lot of people that keep saying that we don’t know how the Supreme Court’s decision is going to play out in real life.  Well we sort of do.  If you really want to know what the Supreme Court just declared constitutional, click on the youtube link below.

This is what constitutional looks like…

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Wednesday March 14 @ 7pm EST

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Tune in tonight to talk about…

1.  Is #KONY2012 corny for 2012?
When the #KONY2012 stuff first happened, our first thought is that if you want to know about Uganda, you should ask Ugandans first.  At LTAI, we try to practice what we preach so we spoke on the phone with journalist, blogger, and one of the first Ugandans to respond criticially of #KONY2012 via YouTube, Rosebell Kagumire. We will also hear from Jean Muteba Rahier, head of the African and African Diaspora Studies Program, Florida International University.

2.  Should US Troops leave Afghanistan or should they leave NOW?
This past week, a US soldier is accused of murdering 16 Afghan civilians.  This has prompted another debate about how soon US troops should pull out of Afghanistan.  To know more, it would make sense to talk to troops that actually served there and Afghans with family there…right?  So tune in as we talk to Brock McIntosh of Veterans for Rethinking Afghanistan and a special guest from Afghans for Peace.


We will update you about the march last week that brought together immigrant rights and civil rights leaders to commemorate the historic Civil Rights-era march between Selma and Montgomery.  We will also talk about a recent victory in the Florida legislature that involves NOT shackling pregnant mothers (huh? you say? tune in…).  Finally we will talk about a Miami Dade raid on local members of the Occupy movement that left many crying “overkill” and “wtf?”

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Premier Fight League
If you are in Miami this weekend, check out the MMA bouts at Grand Central on Friday, March 16th.  Click here for more info.

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1.  Peace City Endgame?  If you want to hear from independent journalist, writer, and photographer Carlos Miller (Photography is Not a Crime, Miami Beach 411) as he talks about what went down when hundreds of cops raided Occupy Miami’s “Peace City” (we’ll give you a hint, they thought that his photography was a crime), download it here or press play below…

2.  If you want to hear the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Tania Galloni and student Carla Montes talk about Florida’s policy making US CITIZEN students that are born in Florida pay out-of-state tuition if their parents are undocumented, download the interview here or press play below…

3. If you want to hear sports commentator and friend of the show, Dave Zirin (Edge of Sports, The John Carlos Story) talk about what the SUPER BOWL says about us and what we say about it, click here or press play below…

4.  Finally, if you want to hear Miami New Times writer (and one of the best Miami muckrakers) Tim Elfrink  and researcher Marcos Feldman remind us that the Miami Marlins (and owner Jeffrey Loria) are massive government handout taking welfare cheats that are costing taxpayers millions of dollars, click here or press play below…

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FAMILY! Right now there is an epic battle set to take place between two smart and powerful forces vying to prove which one is capable of coming out on top.  And then there is the Republican primary.  Although the Florida primaries took place yesterday and everyone expects us to cover the results, we all know more people probably care about the Super Bowl.  At this point, it feels more meaningful and less dirty than watching politicians alternate between jabbing, lying, and ducking the skeletons in their closet.  But as Super Bowl Sunday approaches, what does it say about us as a country?  Join us as we talk with friend of the show, sports writer Dave Zirin (Edge of Sports) and look at how we all reflect on the Super Bowl and the Super Bowl reflects on us.  Yep…we are getting deep about the Superbowl…

And then…

As much as we love sports, should we love spending taxpayer dollars to pay for it?  Miami’s baseball team, the Marlins receives massive taxpayer handouts to stay in Miami.  We even help build their nice stadium.  Does our love of sports justify our dishing out of handouts?  We will talk about it with Miami New Times staff writer and resident muckraker, Tim Elfrink.

But First…

Peace City no more?  Last night about 200 cops raided Occupy Miami’s Peace City encampment, arresting at least 3 people.  We will check in with folks from Occupy Miami that were there to see what went down and what the future will bring.


You are born and raised in Florida and live here your whole life.  But when you go to College they still make you pay tuition as if you are out of state?! Why?  Because your parents are undocumented.  We didn’t believe it when we first heard it.  Some state senators believe it and want to keep doing it.  Either way, we will talk about it.

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