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Important update on the show you come to for the realest talk about the realest issues: Monday Night (October 15) was our last show on 880 the Biz.  We are taking time to spend time with our families…just kidding.  Let’s Talk About It! is not going anywhere!  We are taking a little bit of time to build a new home and make the real talk about real issues and real people that we have committed to bigger, better and realer.  In the meantime, keep checking us out for regular updates.

1. Find out why Miami’s immigrant right activists have been busy shutting down the office of Mario Diaz-Balart and going on hunger fasts.

2. We talk to the artist TMNK, also known as Nobody, about why he tagged up a Lebron James billboard with commemorations of Israel “Reefa” Hernandez.

3.  Speaking of the late and loved Israel “Reefa” Hernandez, Dr. Deborah Mash (Neurology Professor , University of Miami-Miller School of Medicine) & Dr. Douglas Zipes (Distinguished Professor, Indian University School of Medicine)will debate whether police accusations of death by “excited delirium” of people in their custody is a real thing or a get out of jail/lawsuit free card.

4.  Miami is flooding (no kidding).  Find out from our friends at the Tropical Audubon Society if Urban Development Boundaries will make the flooding better or worse.

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Hosted by Subhash Kateel
Segments produced by Muhammed Malik and Bruce Wayne Stanley

1.  The debate on bombing Syria makes it seem like the opposite of not bombing is doing nothing.  Tune in as Phyllis Bennis (Institute for Policy Studies), Paul Kawika Martin (Peace Action) & Ramah Kudaimi tell us what they think the real solutions are in Syria besides “surgical strikes.”

2. Jose Machado (The Bridge Project) tells us how the debate on Syria will affect Congress’ attempt (or lack of) to reform America’s broken immigration system.

3.  This weeks marks another anniversary of 9/11.  How is this anniversary different?  Have we learned any of our lessons yet?  Find out as we talk to friend of the show, Camilo Mejia.

4.  Finally, find out from Barry White (not the musician) and Ravelstein (a Miami music legend) why we should still be afraid of Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster and why its dangers are closer to South Florida than we think.


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Hosted by Subhash Kateel
photo: Edmond Meinfelder
1.  The Immigration Bill: A Path to Citizenship, the Berlin Wall at the Border or Both?
Tune in as we talk to advocates across the country about the good, bad and ugly of the immigration bill that is making its way through congress.  Guests include Kyle de Beausset (, Isabel Garcia (Coalicion De Derechos Humanos), Kathy Bird (Florida Immigrant Coalition) & Gaby Pacheco (Bridge Project).
2.  A New Arab Spring in Egypt?
Barely two years after Egypt erupted in protests to depose a dictator, Egyptians are hitting the streets again.  Tune as we talk to Adel Iskander (author, Egypt in Flux) about what this means for everyday Egyptians.

Segment Co-Produced by Muhammed Malik

3.  A Post Racial America?  Maybe not in the tech sector.
The news as of late seemse to be poking holes in the idea of a post racial America.  Roy Singham and Chad Wathington of ThoughtWorks believe it never existed in the tech sector.  Tune in to find out what they have to say.

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1.  The Rights and Wrongs of the Gov’t Spying on EVERYBODY

A little over a week after we found out that the government has been collecting records of virtually every phone call we have been making and monitoring many of our online communications, we will have a discussion between the Bill of Rights Defense Committee’s Michael Figura & University of Chicago Law School Professor Geoffrey Stone about what’s wrong and right about all of this and what we can do about it.
2.  When DREAMers reunite with their families at the border
Yesterday, three DREAMers (Dream Act eligible immigrant youth) reunited with their deported mothers at the US-Mexico border for the first time in years.  Tune in as we talk with United We DREAM’s Evelyn Rivera about her powerful trip and the message she hopes to deliver to our politicians.
3.  A gang truce in EL Salvador holds and what we can learn from it
El Salvador is considered one of the most dangerous countries on the planet.  But a gang truce that was forged several months ago appears to be holding having very real and positive consequences for the country.  Tune in as we talk with Homies Unidos’ Alex Sanchez about why the truce is holding and what we can learn from it.

4.  The Equal Pay Act turns 50. But is there still a wage gap between men and women?
Tune in as we answer this question with the ACLU’s Deborah Vagins & the Heritage Foundations’ Romina Boccia.
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Breaking News:  Charges dropped against Bartow, Fl teen Kiera Wilmot arrested for science experiment explosion.  Tune in tonight as we talk about it!

1.  When the IRS behaves badly
The taxman is in the news this week for allegedly targeting nonprofit groups affiliated with the Tea Party for extra scrutiny.  But this isn’t the first or the last time that the IRS has been used to target organizations because of their political opinion.  Tune in as we talk to Salon writer Alex Seitz-Wald and Brooklyn-based community activist Lumumba Bandele. 
2.  A Guatemalan ex-dictator goes to prison for war crimes
Efrain Rios Montt, the former US-government backed dictator was convicted of crimes against humanity last Friday, the first time a former head of state has been found guilty of genocide in his country’s own courts.  Tune in as we talk to the National Alliance of Latin American & Caribbean Communities’ Edgar Ayala about what this will mean for Guatemala, the United States and human rights more broadly.
3.  When Immigrants and their friends stop eating for justice
Tune in tonight to find out why immigrant families in Homestead, Florida and around the country have stopped eating for a week.  Guests include Cynthia Morena and Guadalupe De La Cruz of We Count!
4.  Wait, terrorists aren’t radicals?!?!?!?!
Not really, says terrorism expert John Horgan.  Find out what he is talking about tonight.

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1.  Beyond the Blame Game in the Boston Bombing

The bombing at the Boston Marathon (also being called the “Patriot’s Day bombing) on Monday was a true tragedy.  The blame game (with scant evidence) since then has troubled many a person accustomed to seeing facts before pointing fingers. On the show tonight, we talk to writer and law professor Khaled Bey about the effect the blame game is having on Muslim Americans and American public as a whole. 
2.  The Stock Act & Legislating Corruption: the story you probably missed this week.
On Monday, while the world was understandably glued to their TV sets/laptops/smart phones watching the tragedy in Boston unfold, Congress and the White House were passing legislation that makes corruption in Washington a little easier. Find out more as we talk to the Center for Responsive Politics about the roll-back of the Stock Act.
3.  A new Immigration Reform blueprint unveiled.
Tune in as friend of the show Gaby Pacheco checks in about the new immigration proposal.  We also talk to members of the Martin County Tea Party, which held a rally at Senator Marco Rubio’s offices yesterday.  Finally, one little mention provision of the bill ends a program called the Diversity Lottery, which may have a huge impact on America’s African Immigrant communities.  Black Alliance for Just Immigration’s Gerald Lenoir chimes in.
1.  What youth think about more armed “good guys” in their schools.
Both Democratic politicians and NRA policy wonks have proposals to put armed “good guys” in school post-Newtown to stop school shootings.  But what do young people and the organization they work with think?  Did anyone bother to ask them?  Tune in tonight as we ask our friends from Power U in Miami.2.  A Private Prison company wanted to name a college stadium. Students said no.  Students won.

Several weeks ago, we covered the controversy in South Florida when Florida Atlantic University decided to take millions of dollars from Boca Raton-based GEO prison group, a notorious private prison company for naming rights to their sports stadium.  Just this week, we got word that GEO decided to back out of the deal after nationwide protests.  Hear from Arely Baugh (Stop Owlcatraz Coalition) about the students that stood up, said no and won.
3.  The Associated Press drops the I-word (illegal immigrant), people respond.

On Tuesday, the Associated Press (AP) announced that they will no longer recommend journalists use the word “illegal immigrant” in media publicatins.  The announcement was seen as a victory by many.  Tune in tonight as we hear from Rinku Sen (Colorlines Magazine, which launched The Drop the I-Word campaign),  Cris Lagunas (National Immigrant Youth Alliance), Dave Caukett (Floridians for Immigration Enforcement), Julio Calderon (Dream Defenders, Students Working For Equal Rights).  Julio will also tell us about the massive immigration march being held in Miami this weekend.

4.  Does immigration reform have a Gang (of 8) problem?

Just this week, the “Gang of 8” Senators charged with coming up with an immigration “compromise” said they were close to a deal.  One of them, Florida’s own Marco Rubio, disagreed.  The same week, Immigrant Rights activists held a protest in front of the New York offices of another “Gang” leader, New York Senator Chuck Schumer.  Is the fight for a new immigration system running into a “gang” problem?  We’ll find out as we talk to Newsweek/Daily Beast correspondent Michael Tomasky and Families For Freedom organizer Donald Anthonyson.

5.  A Cuban blogger/activist Yoani Sanchez comes to town, Cuban Americans react.

Just about the biggest news in Miami’s Cuban American community this week is that renowned Cuban blogger/activist Yoani Sanchez has come to town to talk freedom, expression and Cuba.  But the Cuban American community she is coming to is different from the Cuban American community of yesteryear.  Tune in as we talk to Cuban American independent researcher and curator, Elizabeth Ceredijo about Miami’s Cuban American reaction to the famed blogger.


1.  What does Steubenville say about us?
This week, two high school football stars were found guilty of raping a
16-year-old girl last summer in a case that no one would have known about if it wasn’t for social media.  The aftermath and the afterthoughts, from death threats to the victim to sympathy with the perpetrators has sparked a national discussion that has been alternatively illuminating and frustrating.  Tune in tonight as we talk to friend of the show Rosa Clemente about what Steubenville does and should say about us.
2.  Have we learned anything from the invasion of Iraq?
This week also marks the 10-year anniversary of the Iraq war.  Have we learned from our mistakes or are we destined to repeat them?  Tune in as we talk to friends of the show Raed Jarrar and Iraq War vets Michael Prysner and Camilo Mejia.
3.  Wait, the Border Patrol put immigrant women in something called an “Ice Box???
According to a lawsuit being filed by Americans for Immigrant Justice, at least four immigrant women claim that the Border Patrol subject them to cruel and inhumane treatment, including putting them in a cell called an “icebox.”  Find out what took place on our show tonight. 


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It has been a long time.  We took a break for a month and the news didn’t stop!  Tonight we come back on the air bringing more of the real issues that affect the lives of real people.  Seriously, you don’t want to miss this show.
1.  Undercover in Detention
You may have already heard how Viridiana Martinez (National Immigrant Youth Alliance-NIYA) and a half dozen other immigrant rights activists went undercover and got themselves detained by the Border Patrol and sent to the Broward Transitional Center (a privately run detention center in Pompano/Deerfield Beach, Florida) all in order to highlight the treatment of immigrants detained there and around the country.  Tonight we talk to Viridiana and DREAMActivist organizer Mohammad Abdollahi about their dramatic action, Obama’s famed announcement two months ago and the reality vs. the rhetoric for immigrants being detained.  
2. The Olympics in London
The games have begun.  With the Olympics, we always have our share of controversy along with a share of milestones.  Tonight we talk to Professor C.A. Tuggle about the TV coverage of the Olympic games, especially of women’s sports.  We also talk to Nadia Mohammad of Altmuslimah about the attention being brought to Muslim women Olympians. Finally, we will talk to Julian Cheyne, a Londoner who was forced to relocate because of the Olympic Games.
3.  The Walmart Economy: Part I
When people talk about “big box” retailers, the box doesn’t get much bigger than Walmart.  In the first show of a series, we will talk about what a Walmart economy looks like and what it means for its workers.
It is good to be back.  You don’t want to miss this show.


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If you missed the show, press play below.

1.  Obama’s Immigration Announcement: A case of fighting for change vs. hoping for it?

By now you have heard that the President gave a major announcement last Friday that his immigration agencies would suspend the deportation of many undocumented youth who would be DREAM Act eligible (if the bill ever passed) and possibly give them permits to work legally. The announcement marked a major victory for immigrant rights groups that have fought a very aggressive battle against the President who many openly rooted for in 2008.  Tonight we will talk about what the new changes mean (with folks that agree and disagree with them) and talk to some of the people that helped make the “hope for change” move from rhetoric to reality.  We will see how these changes will affect other people that are still hoping.  Guests include Paromita Shah (National Immigration Project), Gaby Pacheco (United We Dream), Felipe Sousa-Rodriguez (Get Equal) and Steven Camorota (Center for Immigration Studies).
2.  UPDATE! CCA Went Away: the death of a detention center in SW Ranches
The same day that Obama made major immigration news, ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) also said that it will no longer try to build one of the largest private immigrant detention centers in SW Ranches, Broward County.  As one of the most faithful followers of the fight against the proposed CCA (Corrections Corporation of America) facility, we will check in with the organizers of that fight to see what the death of the detention center means for SW Ranch residents and others in the region.  Guests include Kathy Bird (CCA Go Away! campaign, Florida Immigrant Coalition) and Bill Discipio (SW Ranches resident).
Seriously…Don’t miss this show…
or tune in to 880 AM “the Biz” in Miami