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Hosted by Subhash Kateel
Segments produced by Muhammed Malik and Bruce Wayne Stanley

1.  The debate on bombing Syria makes it seem like the opposite of not bombing is doing nothing.  Tune in as Phyllis Bennis (Institute for Policy Studies), Paul Kawika Martin (Peace Action) & Ramah Kudaimi tell us what they think the real solutions are in Syria besides “surgical strikes.”

2. Jose Machado (The Bridge Project) tells us how the debate on Syria will affect Congress’ attempt (or lack of) to reform America’s broken immigration system.

3.  This weeks marks another anniversary of 9/11.  How is this anniversary different?  Have we learned any of our lessons yet?  Find out as we talk to friend of the show, Camilo Mejia.

4.  Finally, find out from Barry White (not the musician) and Ravelstein (a Miami music legend) why we should still be afraid of Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster and why its dangers are closer to South Florida than we think.


pic credit: Favianna Rodriguez

1.  A new immigration system or the same old politics?

This week, the Senate “Gang of 8” and the President made separate announcements on Immigration Reform.  We will get reactions from Gaby Pacheco, David Caukett (Floridians for Immigration Enforcement), Sarahi Uribe (National Day Labors Organizing Network),  Pramila Jayapal (Center for Community Change), Donald Anthonyson (Families For Freedom), Susana Barciela (Americans for Immigrant Justice) and more.

2.  Will the Miami Dolphins be the next welfare queen?
If you have been following the news, football or both, you will know that the Miami Dolphins are asking taxpayers to foot most of the bill to upgrade the Sun Life Stadium.  Most of Miami is still pretty peeved about the raw deal that we got for subsidizing the Marlins.  The Dolphins’ owner insists that this time it is different.  Tonight we will check in with Billy Corben (Director and Producer of documentaries including Cocaine Cowboys, Square Grouper, Broke, and Limelight) about whether Miami is set to get another raw deal, or not.