1.  What does Steubenville say about us?
This week, two high school football stars were found guilty of raping a
16-year-old girl last summer in a case that no one would have known about if it wasn’t for social media.  The aftermath and the afterthoughts, from death threats to the victim to sympathy with the perpetrators has sparked a national discussion that has been alternatively illuminating and frustrating.  Tune in tonight as we talk to friend of the show Rosa Clemente about what Steubenville does and should say about us.
2.  Have we learned anything from the invasion of Iraq?
This week also marks the 10-year anniversary of the Iraq war.  Have we learned from our mistakes or are we destined to repeat them?  Tune in as we talk to friends of the show Raed Jarrar and Iraq War vets Michael Prysner and Camilo Mejia.
3.  Wait, the Border Patrol put immigrant women in something called an “Ice Box???
According to a lawsuit being filed by Americans for Immigrant Justice, at least four immigrant women claim that the Border Patrol subject them to cruel and inhumane treatment, including putting them in a cell called an “icebox.”  Find out what took place on our show tonight. 

pic: forusa.org

by Subhash Kateel
(Originally published in the Examiner)

In 2005, when our decision makers wanted
desperately to stop young Americans from being killed in the streets,
they knew they could do it by investing millions in the people that were
doing the shooting and killing. But those streets were in Baghdad.
As the debate on “gun violence
(apparently the only type of violence worth stopping) carries on, we
are stuck recycling the same solutions with the same dubious results. As
I noted in my last piece, “Beyond Banning Bad Guns and Arming Good Guys,
“ some measures, like background checks, may actually have an impact on
violence. Others, like a much touted assault weapons ban, or the
increased armed presence of…um…”resource officers” in schools very likely won’t. Even though everyone admits that horrible school shootings are “exceedingly rare” and current proposals probably wouldn’t stop them
even if they weren’t, the race to respond to Newtown has made it
abundantly clear that leaders of all parties lack the political will to
stop the next wave of killings in New Haven, Newark or New Orleans. 
To understand how bankrupt our solutions to the
American culture of violence are, you only have to compare them to the
decisive action taken in Iraq as American lives where being cut down by
Iraqi insurgents…KEEP READING HERE