President Newt?

For many people old enough to remember the Clinton years, Newt Gingrich was the brains behind a lot of what the right wing convinced America was right with conservative (Contract with America, Welfare Reform, etc.).  But beyond being a mad professor, he actually harnessed the power to make some of those ideas a reality.  Now he wants a chance to be president.   We will chat with some true believers and true people in disbelief about what a President Newt would mean for the country.
Then…Original Gangsters:  Are Florida’s 1% Screwing the Country? Part I.
Florida’s 1% enclaves have often been a haven for retired mobsters, ponzi schemers, pirates, drug lords and ex-dictators.  Why wouldn’t it also be a haven for bad businesses?  As part of a continuing series looking at Florida’s 1% we look at one business that has been accused of a bunch of shady foreclosures practices around the country, Florida based Lender Processing Services.  You don’t want to miss this.
Also…a special tribute to the life of Haitian Dominican activist Sonia Pierre.