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1. The Ozzie Guillen fiasco: Do the Marlins want Miami to hate them?
Can anyone affiliated with the Miami Marlins keep from publicly putting their foot in their mouth? On this week’s show we discuss Marlins Manager Ozzie Guillen’s recent controversial statements regarding his “respect” for Fidel Castro and the Cuban community’s response to it. Carlos Miller of Photography is not a Crime joins us to talk about what he thinks is an overreaction to Guillen’s most recent comments and why he thinks we should be more mad about the Marlins using our taxpayer money to build a stadium no one seemed to want.  Miami attorney Ricky Rodriguez Vacas kinda agrees while Henry Gomez of the Babalu blog strongly disagrees.  You got to check the conversation that was so Cuban-American and so Miami that one of the guests called in from Little Havana, next to the Bay of Pigs Memorial while a Coast Guard helicopter flies overhead (No, Seriously. That happened.).

Next, in the same segment, friend of the show and sportswriter Dave Zirin of the Edge of Sports also calls in to talk about Guillen’s comments and why they’re nothing new for this outspoken manager, the history of sports stadium construction in different cities and the implications that they have for surrounding communities. Listen to why he feels like Guillen respects Castro like he would respect Tony Montana.  Zirin also comments on the recent news of George Zimmerman’s arrest for the murder of Trayvon Martin. To listen to this segment click here or press play below.

2. Is there a Republican War on Women?
So is there? We were joined by political strategist Krystal Ball who told us about the new laws and proposed legislation that seem to indicate there is a war on women. Ashley Intartaglia of the Tampa Bay Young Republicans also joins us to explain that we should be talking economy and not the social issues that divide us.   Surprisingly, both guests agree that these issues are a distraction from what most Americans really care about. As always, Let’s Talk About It! keeps bringing people together.  Listen to the segment, and Subhash extreme inability to pronounce “Intartaglia” and “strategist” by downloading here or pressing play below.

3.  Finally, find out what happens when a group of concerned Miamians storm a shareholders meeting of one of Florida’s alleged biggest tax-dodger, Carnival cruise lines.  We will talk to Rev. Dr. Guillermo Marquez-Sterling who attended the meeting.  Download that link here or press play below.

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1. Ozzie Guillen, the Miami, and the team we hate to love.
The Miami Marlins can’t seem to earn the admiration of Miamians, and this week was no exception.  This time, the fuss erupted over comments made by Guillen, claiming that he “respected” Castro.  The word in the press is that the entire Cuban American community is in an uproar.  But is that the only story?  Are there other, better reasons to hate the Marlins as well?  Join us as we talk to several local Cuban Americans, including multi-media journalist Carlos Miller (Photography Is Not A Crime), attorney Ricky Rodriguez Vacas, and others.  We will also hear from friend of the show and prolific sports writer, Dave Zirin (Edge of Sports).
2.  Is there a GOP war on women?
This year, especially at the state level, several bills, authored by Republican politicians, restricting all sorts of things related to reproductive health were either pushed or successfully passed into law.  It begged the question, is the GOP at war with women?  That question created an intense debate.  Tonight we want to bring that debate to the airwaves to let our listeners decide.  So is the GOP at war with women?  Tune in and find out.  Guests include political strategist Krystal Ball and Ashley Intartaglia (Tampa Bay Young Republicans).
We will also check in briefly on the ongoing fight for justice in the case of Trayvon Martin and see how Miami is holding one of its biggest corporate tax dodgers accountable.
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1.  Peace City Endgame?  If you want to hear from independent journalist, writer, and photographer Carlos Miller (Photography is Not a Crime, Miami Beach 411) as he talks about what went down when hundreds of cops raided Occupy Miami’s “Peace City” (we’ll give you a hint, they thought that his photography was a crime), download it here or press play below…

2.  If you want to hear the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Tania Galloni and student Carla Montes talk about Florida’s policy making US CITIZEN students that are born in Florida pay out-of-state tuition if their parents are undocumented, download the interview here or press play below…

3. If you want to hear sports commentator and friend of the show, Dave Zirin (Edge of Sports, The John Carlos Story) talk about what the SUPER BOWL says about us and what we say about it, click here or press play below…

4.  Finally, if you want to hear Miami New Times writer (and one of the best Miami muckrakers) Tim Elfrink  and researcher Marcos Feldman remind us that the Miami Marlins (and owner Jeffrey Loria) are massive government handout taking welfare cheats that are costing taxpayers millions of dollars, click here or press play below…

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FAMILY! Right now there is an epic battle set to take place between two smart and powerful forces vying to prove which one is capable of coming out on top.  And then there is the Republican primary.  Although the Florida primaries took place yesterday and everyone expects us to cover the results, we all know more people probably care about the Super Bowl.  At this point, it feels more meaningful and less dirty than watching politicians alternate between jabbing, lying, and ducking the skeletons in their closet.  But as Super Bowl Sunday approaches, what does it say about us as a country?  Join us as we talk with friend of the show, sports writer Dave Zirin (Edge of Sports) and look at how we all reflect on the Super Bowl and the Super Bowl reflects on us.  Yep…we are getting deep about the Superbowl…

And then…

As much as we love sports, should we love spending taxpayer dollars to pay for it?  Miami’s baseball team, the Marlins receives massive taxpayer handouts to stay in Miami.  We even help build their nice stadium.  Does our love of sports justify our dishing out of handouts?  We will talk about it with Miami New Times staff writer and resident muckraker, Tim Elfrink.

But First…

Peace City no more?  Last night about 200 cops raided Occupy Miami’s Peace City encampment, arresting at least 3 people.  We will check in with folks from Occupy Miami that were there to see what went down and what the future will bring.


You are born and raised in Florida and live here your whole life.  But when you go to College they still make you pay tuition as if you are out of state?! Why?  Because your parents are undocumented.  We didn’t believe it when we first heard it.  Some state senators believe it and want to keep doing it.  Either way, we will talk about it.

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