It has been a couple weeks since we have talked and just like we told you, the world didn’t end.  But there are still plenty of things to talk about.
1.  Did we get hustled on the fiscal cliff “deal?”
As we told you before, the whole fiscal cliff crisis was probably a fake crisis to begin with, a 2012 version of the y2k bug (if you are too young to remember, google it).  At any rate, it seems like our politicians came to consensus to avert whatever crisis was suppose to happen, real or imagined.  On our show tonight, we ask Matthew Stoller (Roosevelt Institute) and Nicole Woo (Center for Economic and Policy Research) how much working Americans got hustled in this “crisis” averting deal.  Don’t miss this segment.

2.  How do you keep a New Year’s resolution to be healthy?
If you made a New Years resolution, there is a chance that it had something to do with being healthy, gaining/losing weight, or getting in shape.  For a lot of us, those resolutions are the hardest to keep.  Tonight, we check in with nutritionist and author, Dr. Keith Kantor and personal trainer/martial arts/friend of the show Beverley Sher Bradley (Underground Physique) about how to keep a New Year’s resolution to get in and stay in shape.

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WED. January 4 @ 7pm EST
We are glad to be back and ready to bring you the radio realness you have come to expect from us…
1.  Do you care about the Iowa caucuses?
You know we had to talk about the elections some time.  And what better time than the day after Iowa’s Republican caucuses?  Everyone keeps talking about the caucuses like they are a reality TV show.  Whether that is true or not, we keep forgetting that the outcome of the race just might determine who will run the country next year.  Join us as we talk to Bradley Gerber from the Miami Young Republicans and friend of the show Everett Wilkinson from the Florida Tea Party Patriots.
2.  NDAA: the National Defense Authorization Act or the “No Democracy for America Act?”
Over the holidays, while most of us were relaxing (or arguing) with our families, the President signed the most controversial piece of legislation since the Health Care reform bill.  The NDAA gives the government the right to detain American citizens indefinitely.  What was Obama thinking?  Is this as bad as it sounds?  Is this really the death of democracy and due process?  What ever happened to that Bill of Rights thing anyway?  We’ll talk about it with Shahid Buttar from the Bill of Rights Defense Committee.
3.  More good House”keeping”
Last year we brought you the case of Angela Samuels, a Miami native facing eviction from her home of 40 years.  People fought hard to keep her in her home only for things to come to a head two days into the New Year. We’ll give you updates about her case.
4.  New Year’s Resolutions & Predictions…
We resolve to be resolute about bringing you the realest radio possible.  What’s your resolution? Any predictions for the year? Peace in the Middle East? The world falls to pieces? President Santorum?  Occupy Hollywood? Holler at us and let us know.
You already know the time, you already know the place now…Tune In! Call In! and Let’s Talk About It!
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