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1. The Obamacare (Romneycare) debate and the individual mandate…

How much do you care about the individual mandate debate going on before the Supreme Court and in the rest of the country? How much should you care? This week we spoke with experts on the subject who were for, against and indifferent to individual mandate portion of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare as many have dubbed it. We began with a heated discussion between Dr. Steffie Woolhandler of Physicians for a National Health Program (also a professor at CUNY and visiting professor at Harvard University) and TR Reid of the Washington Post and author of “The Healing of America: A Global Quest for Better, Cheaper and Fairer Health Care.” They discussed the individual mandate, what it is and why they oppose and support respectively. Jon Walker of Firedoglake also joins us to discuss why the individual mandate may actually be irrelevant to the healthcare debate entirely.

We were then joined by Dr. Mona Mangat of Doctors for America and Bob Crittendon of the Herdon Alliance who talk about what it would mean for the Individual Mandate to be declared unconstitutional and how they thought the Affordable Care Act would have been a bridge between Democrats and Republicans. Bob Crittendon went so far as to describe Obamacare as “the most conservative health care plan ever brought before congress.”

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2. Starting a business when broke…

Now we all know that the American economy depends on small businesses, but how can anybody start a business when they’re broke? Barbershop owner Gianni Tata calls in to tell us his story of opening a business in Saginaw, Michigan during the middle of the recession and how he managed to pull it off. Jennifer Dziura author of the Bullish columns also joins the show to give us some tips on how to get moving and explains that all you need to have a business is customers, not all of the bells and whistles. Friend of the show Rodney North, of Equal Exchange calls in to discuss the concept of a co-op and shares many resources that people can use to start their cooperative business.

If you only want to here the “business when broke segment”, including some clips from Jennifer that weren’t played on the show, click here or press play below.

Here, in a clip not heard on the show, Jennifer tells us about the types of services a business can provide if you don’t have any money and need a customers base fast.  (hint:find some rich customers)

Here, she lays out what you have to do if you need some start up capital to start the business

3.  Listen to the update on the fight for justice for Trayvon Martin, here.


Family, welcome back for another week of real talk.  This show won’t be an exception.  We will update folks on the ongoing fight for justice for Trayvon Martin in the middle of the program (and don’t forget to check our other work on it here, here and here).  And then…

1.  Should anyone care about “Obamacare’s” individual mandate?
This week, the Supreme Court will be debating whether the individual mandate (requiring everyone to purchase insurance) is constitutional or not.  On this show, we won’t talk about whether we need Health Care reform or not, because we sort of think it is obvious that we do (sorry people).  What we will talk about is whether or not anyone that wants health care reform or even supports the other parts of the Affordable Care Act (i.e Obamacare nationwide and Romneycare in Massachusetts) should give a damn about what happens with the individual mandate.  Our guests will include author, lecturer and documentary filmmaker TR Reid, Public Health Professor Dr. Steffie Woolhandler (CUNY-Hunter College and Physicians for a National Health Program),  Bob Crittenden (Herndon Alliance), Dr. Mona Mangat (Doctors for America) and Jon Walker, a writer for Firedoglake.  This should be fun.

2.  Starting a business when you are broke…
So we talk a lot on this show about how messed up this economic system is.  But through our ongoing “When You Are Broke” series, we try to tell our broke listeners what to do while changing the system or just waiting to become cogs in it.  In this segment, we will talk to writer of the Bullish columns Jennifer Dziura, friend of the show and co-op creation know-it-all Rodney North (Equal Exchange), and childhood friend and barbershop builder Gianni Tata.  If you are broke and have no plan on not being broke, you might wanna catch this one.

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Wednesday, February 9 @ 7pm or 880 am (S. Florida) or just click here 

Obamacare, socialism, a corporate give-away, a life-line to millions.  Those are some of the many things people have said about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act signed into law in March 2010.  Considered by the Obama administration to be its crowning achievement, opponents of the bill call it everything from unconstitutional, a job-killer, to a sign of the apocalypse.  Health Care reform came back into the news recently when a Federal Judge in Florida declared it unconstitutional.  What was health care reform really about?  What does the debate on it say about where our country is going? 

Well…Let’s Talk About It!

Join us us tonight at 7pm as we talk to invited guests Dr. Paul Ortiz (Associate Professor of History, University of Florida), Carol Gentry (Editor, Health News Florida) and Dr. Jane Orient (Executive Director of the American Physicians and Surgeons).

If you care about health care you do not want to miss this show!  Also don’t forget to check out last weeks show in the uprisings in Egypt here!


Wednesday, February 9 @ 7pm or 880 am (S. Florida) or just click here 

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