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1.  Is this the end of Occupy or just the beginning?
On Tuesday, NYPD cops at the request of NY Mayor Mike Bloomberg raided Zuccotti Park and removed the protestors that had been Occupying Wall Street for almost two months. This just days after seemingly coordinated raids removed occupiers from their locations in Oakland, Portland and other cities.  Nationwide, a call is still going out for a massive November 17 day of action. Are this week’s events a sign of the beginning of the end for the Occupy movement or just the beginning of the beginning? We’ll talk about it…
2.  Sex Crimes of the 1%
The sex abuse controversy that unfolded this past week at Penn State reveals a few things: America’s love of sports and unevenness in reacting to sex offenses when the alleged perps are the rich or the powerful. On the show, we will talk about how we should approach sex crimes vs. how they are approached now whether the perps are the 1% or the 99%.
If you missed our tribute to Joe Frazier and Heavy D with Dave Zirin, Rebel Diaz, LaGuardia and others, click here and check out Dave Zirin’s other articles here.

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Wed. 11/16/01 @ 7pm EST
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This week, we lost two legends, “Smokin” Joe Frazier and the “Overweight lover” Heavy D.  This show is dedicated to both.
We will talk with Dave Zirin about Joe Frazier’s legacy.  Then we will switch gears to talk Hip Hop’s 99%.  Hip Hop artists have always had 99 problems that have made them the voice of the 99%.  We will talk to Daniel Barajas about one of those 99 problems and chat it up with Rebel Diaz about how they occupied the airwaves.  But we will also be joined in the studio by our main fam, La Guardia, Devin Arne, and Fernando Castro-the ones that brought us Miami’s 99% anthem, to talk about Hip Hop, Hip Rock, and what occupies the mind of Hip Hop’s 99%.
You don’t wanna miss this show.   But we will all miss Joe Frazier and Heavy D.
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TONIGHT  Wed. Oct. 26, 2011 @ 7pm
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Occupy Updates…
As part of our ongoing Occupy coverage, we will visit our local occupy site and let you know what is going on with the #occupy movement around the country.

Shot Like Dogs or Like Dictators and Terrorists?
The recent killings of former Libyan head Moammar Qadaffi and US citizen Anwar Al-Awlaki are being touted as foreign policy successes by the Obama administration and proof of success in the war on terror.  But a few people have started asking questions.  Is it really a great thing for this government (and fighters funded by this government) to get in the habit of killing people without trial or transparency?  Is this just a necessary evil to confront unnecessary evil or is the only thing we are really killing Democracy?  Tune in and talk about it!
Battling Debt Collectors “When You’re Broke”
If you are part of the 99% that is in debt, getting collections letters and calls can be worse than getting pulled over by the cops.  And while folks are fighting for a change and a better tomorrow, that is really not gonna stop debt collectors from calling you today.  As part of our “when you’re broke” segment, we will tell you how to fight for your rights when confronting debt collectors and collection agencies.
You know what to do…

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TONIGHT  Wed. Oct. 26, 2011 @ 7pm
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