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Hosted by Subhash Kateel

1.  Tune in tonight as we get a report back on the March on Washington’s 50th anniversary from Florida Rights Restoration Coalition’s Desmond Meade, Dream Defender’s Ciara Taylor & Rev. Osagyefo Sekou.

2.  We also talk to Grant Stern & members of OUR Walmart! about Walmart’s attempt to build a store in Midtown Miami.

3.  Plus, are FAU (Florida Atlantic University) students being punished (and “re-educated”) for exercising their right to free speech after disrupting a lecture being given by an Israeli military official?  We find out as we talk to Nadine Aly of FAU’s chapter of Student’s for Justice in Palestine.  

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Family, it has been a week or so since we have been on the air.  Unfortunately, the news cycle didn’t stand still so we are back bringing real talk about the issues affecting real people.  Tune in tonight as we talk about…
1.  Another Florida teenager shot
This past Friday, 17 year-old Jordan Davis was shot and killed by a 45-year old at a gas station, apparently during an argument over “loud music.”  Another tragic case of a dead youth is already drawing parallels in the press with the murder of Trayvon Martin.  Tune in tonight as we check in on this tragic case of a murdered young boy.
2.  Is the fiscal cliff real?
If you are paying attention to the news, the new battle in Washington is supposedly over a fiscal cliff, an economic catastrophe that is allegedly set to take place on January 1st, if politicians don’t…well who know what the hell they are suppose to do.  Tune in tonight as we check in with Nicole Woo from the Center for Economic and Policy Research who will tell us what the fiscal cliff is really about.

3.  Is there a way forward in Israel/Palestine?

Our show was on break during the height of the conflict last week in Gaza/Israel that left 167 Palestinians from Gaza and 5 Israelis dead with thousands more wounded.  Now there is a ceasefire, but for how long?  Tonight on our show, we want to ask the harder, yet more useful question:  Is there a way forward in Israel/Palestine?  What role can Americans play in paving a way forward?  Tune in as we hear from former President of the American Jewish Congress and Miami Jewish activist Jack Lieberman, FIU Students for Justice in Palestine member Mnar Muhareb, Rabbis for Human Rights founder Rabbi Arik Ascherman, Adam Schwartzbaum (Miami attorney who sits on the board of several Jewish organizations), UC Irvine Professor and author Mark Levine and Gaza-based documentary filmmaker Harry Fear.

BONUS CLIP 1: Mark Levine on what Americans should do to help find a solution in Israel/Palestine

BONUS CLIP 2: Rabbi Arik Ascherman on what Americans should do. “Friends don’t let other friends drive drunk.”

BONUS CLIP 3:Mark Levine’s lack of hope in the present with some eye toward the future.

Jewish Agency for Palestine (C.1930)
Cent. Jewish Hospitality Committee (C. 1940)

By Subhash Kateel

Paul Krugman, commentator, economist and guy that predicted the economic collapse,  recently stated that Newt Gingrich is “a stupid man’s idea of what a smart person sounds like.”  Maybe it is telling that I generally disagree with him about Newt’s intelligence.  But his recent statements on Palestine and Palestinians really highlighted Krugman’s point. 
In an interview last week with the Jewish Channel, Newt Gingrich had this to say about the Palestinian people:
“I think that we have invented the Palestinian people, who are in fact Arabs and are historically part of the Arab community…”
Steven Weiss, the man who conducted the interview, seemed surprised.
“It’s a comment I’ve heard before because I’ve covered the far right in the Jewish community and the pro-Israel community…but I was surprised to hear a mainstream Republican figure say it.”
There are very few foreign policy issues that are more divisive and controversial in American politics than the question of Israel/Palestine.   I won’t rehash the debate now, but I believe that people are entitled to have their controversial opinions, as long as those opinions aren’t completely idiotic. 
I planned on responding to Newt’s comments.  Before I could finish, two ghosts from Jewish/Palestinian history’s past came to me in a dream and told me that they thought Newt was a fool.  They then directed me to their nifty posters from the 1930’s and 1940’s on the website for the Palestine Poster Project Archives. 
The first one above was created by the Tourist Office of the Jewish Agency for Palestine and dates to about 1930 while the second hails from the Central Jewish Hospitality Committee and dates to around 1940, just 8 years before what most Israelis would call Independence Day and most Palestinians would term Al Nakba (the catastrophe)
The posters should indicate to Newt and others that want to make up history for the purpose of a political primary that Palestine not only existed, but there were Jews living there that called it that, and believed in its existence so much that they wanted people to come visit. 
Unfortunately no poster from the past will help resolve the current crisis in the middle east, bring the thousands of dead back to life, ease the tensions or the emotions from the sheer loss people have faced or make it so billions of dollars aren’t spent on conflict.  But hopefully those that are compelled to speak on it in the future will at least try not to make stuff up.
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