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Hosted by Subhash Kateel
Segments co-produced by Aidil Oscariz, Bruce Wayne Stanley and Muhammed Malik
1. Remembering Reefa
Last week, 18 year-old Israel Hernandez-Llach (aka Reefa) was tased to death by Miami Beach Police veteran Jorge Mercado after being chased down for tagging (spray-painting) the wall of a vacant McDonald’s in North Beach.  Tonight we will be joined by friends and supporters of Israel’s family to talk about who he was and why they are fighting for justice in his case.  Guests include friends of Israel Hernandez Yorkys Rodriguez, Heather
Bozzone and Alexandria Morgan, Attorney Jose Rodriguez, Billy Corben
(Director Cocaine Cowboys, The U, etc.) and former police officer
Jeffrey Frazier (  Plus check the article we wrote on Reefa’s death here. For info on donating for funeral costs, visit here.
2. Stopping New York’s “Stop and Frisks”
A judge just ruled that the NYPD’s notorious “Stop and Frisk” program violated the constitution.  Tonight, we check in with one of the attorneys on the case, Center for Constitutional Right‘s Sunita Patel about what this means for New York and cities that are trying to follow the NYPD’s lead.

1.  If Cops and Prosecutors wanted to do right by Trayvon, they would have…
On Feb 26, a young 17 year-old boy from Miami, Trayvon Martin was killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer while returning back to his father’s home from the corner store, armed only with skittles and ice tea.  Now the whole world is watching.  The man who killed Trayvon, George Zimmerman, remains free, because the police said they had no grounds to arrest him.  Some of the media have taken the cops word for it, citing Florida’s “stand your ground law.”  On our show tonight, we want to take a different tact, we want to know what the Cops (and Prosecutors) could have done to make an arrest.  And we start by talking to attorneys and to expert Florida firearms instructors that teach classes like the one George Zimmerman would have taken before he could legally carry a weapon.  And then we do the most ground breaking, cutting edge, thing of all, we actually look at the existing law that Sanford cops say excuses them from doing their jobs.  Don’t miss this segment, please, you may learn something.
2.  If Bankers wanted to do right by America…
“The banks got bailed out the people got sold out!” is a common refrain in post occupy-Wallstreet America.  But there are still some people that don’t get why people are so mad at big banks for “their own” bad decisions.  Well, we decided to ask two people that should know about banks better than anybody, people that actually worked for them.  Join us as we talked to a former Wells Fargo loan officer, and a former analyst at Bear Stearns.


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FIRST: Is Our Economy Crashing? with Van Jones and Marshall Auerback …
Folks, tonight’s show is gonna be a big one!  On Monday, the stock market plunged to one of its lowest points in years after the S&P credit agency downgraded America’s credit rating.  This only confirmed what regular people across the country already knew, our economy still sucks and our elected officials can’t or won’t seem to do anything about it.  Well what can we do about it?  We will talk to two guest, economist Marshall Auerback and special guest Van Jones to talk about how the Contract for the American Dream just might give folks a way to do something about the mess we are in.
England is Under Fire…For Real
Unless you have been under a rock for the passed couple of days, you have probably heard that England has been rocked by some of the worst rioting and street violence it has seen in years.  What caused it?  What will fix it?  Is the British press right about it just being about hooligans that want free stuff?  Are the youth workers right about it being about deep seated grievances that are just starting to unearth themselves?  Does any of this have anything to really do with the death of Mark Duggan (the young man killed by the Police in Tottenham-the birthplace of the riots).
Join us as we hear from two guests: film director and lifelong Tottenham resident Ben Peters and political analyst Sukant Chandan.  We will also here from Ann Collins, a Professor of Political Science at McKendree University who has done extensive research on riots in the US
You don’t want to miss this show!
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