1.  Why is the Post Office really cutting hours?

We just heard today that we won’t be getting mail on Saturdays anymore, a move the US Postal Service says could save up to $2 billion a year. But why does the financially struggling agency need to save $2 billion a year in the first place?  The answer may surprise you.  Tune in as we talk to famed economist,  Dean Baker of the Center for Economic and Policy Research.

2.  Who do politicians hurt when they fail to re-pass the Violence Again Women Act (VAWA)?

This week, again, the House of Representatives failed to re-authorize one of the least controversial pieces of legislation (traditionally), the Violence Against Women Act. Who is hurt by the failure to re-authorize VAWA? Tune in as we ask Michelle Ortiz, Director of Americans for Immigrant Justice LUCHA or “The Struggle”: A Women’s Legal Program.

3. The President’s Kill/Jail list problem.

The White House has had a really bad week trying to convince people that its anti-terrorism policies aren’t going to shred the Constitution.  Tune in as we talk to the Bill of Rights Defense Committee‘s Michael Figura about the White House’s continued attempts to be able to jail indefinitely and kill US citizens whether the Courts, Congress or the public like it or not.

4. Remembering Trayvon and asking why George Zimmerman is not in jail

Trayvon Martin would have turned 18 this week.  While we remember the Miami native’s birthday, we should be asking why his killer, George Zimmerman isn’t in jail.  No, we aren’t just talking about his murder trial, we are talking about the time he may have committed the Federal money laundering-esque crime of “structuring.” Don’t miss the conversation you won’t hear anywhere else.