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Hosted by Subhash Kateel, segments co-produced by Aidil Oscariz and Muhammed Malik
1.  Our money in Egypt
With news coming out of Egypt that security forces killed at least 50 people just a week after the democratically elected head of Egypt forced out by a mix of a coup and mass protests.  Some Americans are asking themselves why we are giving the country almost $2 billion dollars a year.  Tune in as we talk to Robert Naiman of Just Foreign Policy.
2.  …and at the border
The big winner in the aftermath of the Senate clearing a massive immigration overhaul seems to be private companies that will benefit off of building the US’ new proposed Berlin Wall on steroids at the border.  We talk about who those companies are and what they are up to with
Grassroots Leadership’s Bob Libal and Researcher Nick Schwellenbach.
3.  Restoring what’s right
Jessica Chiappone (Florida Rights Restoration Coalition), even though she is a US citizen, has been fighting for years for the right to vote and the ability to practice law, all because of a felony conviction that she already served her time for.  Last week, she finally got her rights to vote and take the bar (among other things) restored.

plus, check in with CAIR-Florida’s Hassan Shibly about the continued force-feeding of hunger striking Guantanamo Detainees, as highlighted in a video with Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) below…

pic:AFP/Scott Olson
1.  EXCLUSIVE!: An Army Reserve Captain speaks out about an alleged sexual assault and claims retaliation.
Army Reserve Captain Marcelo Lucero comes from a military family. Yet he is risking his entire military career and then some to speak out about an alleged sexual assault and subsequent alleged failure to investigate/cover-up by the Army.  On the week that the Pentagon reveals that there were 26,000 sexual assaults in the military last year, tune in as Captain Lucero tells us about 1 alleged incident and what he describes as a “concealment of sexual assault and the perpetuation of an atmosphere of sexual harassment at the 841st Engineer Battalion in Miami, Florida.”
2.  Will the President Expand the FBI’s Web Wiretapping Powers?
In the news today, we found out that the White House may try to make it easier for the FBI to wiretap people who use the Internet to connect with people.  You know, like half the country or so.  Tune in as we talk to our friends at the Bill of Rights Defense Committee about what this means for all of us.
3.  A private prison giant holds a shareholders meeting in South Florida, a bunch of Floridians object.
Just a few weeks ago a coalition of students and concerned Floridians successfully stopped the Florida Atlantic University from allowing private prison giant GEO from naming the college’s sports stadium.  Yesterday, some of those same folks were protesting outside of the GEO groups shareholders meeting.  Tune in to find out why.
4.  The fight to fight student loan debt continues.
According to Campus Progress, student loan interest rates are set to double on July 1st if Congress doesn’t act quickly (we won’t hold our breath).  Tune in to find out why and what we can do about it.


Family, another week, another set of things to talk about.  This week is no exception.

1.  Is it bigger than “bath salts?”
So the whole world is making fun of Miami being ground zero for a “zombie apocalypse.”  But when you really take a step back and look at the carnage that took place over memorial day weekend, it really isn’t that funny.  Take the “zombie.”  He has a name, Rudy Eugene.  His victim has a name too, Ronald Poppo.  And for all the “only in Miami” jokes there are pieces of this story that could’ve happened anywhere.  Today we want to have a real conversation on what the hell happened to make this possible.  Past the jokes, past the sensationalism.  Just some real talk.  Listen in as we talk with Kamalah Fletcher from Catalyst Miami.
2.  The Anatomy of a private “prison” riot.
Two weeks a go, a riot unfolded in a private immigrant detention center in Natchez, Mississippi.  The events left one guard dead and twenty people injured.  The facility is run by Corrections Corporation of America(CCA) and is similar to the detention center they are trying to build in South Florida.  Join us as we talk with Kathy Bird (Florida Immigrant Coalition/CCA Go Away Campaign), Bill Chandler (Mississippi Immigrant Rights Association), Gail Tyree (Grassroots Leadership),Kimberly Schultz (Teamsters Local 2011) and Azadeh Shahshahani (ACLU of Georgia, plus check out their report here) about what started the riot in the CCA facility and why other towns with similar facilities should or shouldn’t be worried.  To listen to this segment, click here or press play below.

Family, as part of our end of the year appreciation/wrap-up, we compiled all of our segment on the worst of the worst 1%, or as we call them, “America’s Original Gangsters,” into one blog.  Listen to this (and our blog compilation of the  “Best of ‘When You’re Broke” series) and look forward to the New Year.

1. Cruise lines companies: The 1% Pirates north of the Caribbean?

Kevin Feeney of 1Miami
Tim Elfrink, reporter for the Miami New Times

Download segment HERE or press play below.

2. Sex crimes of the 1%
Christopher Mallios, former Philadelphia prosecutor now working with AEquitas
Juhu Thukral, New York Anti-Trafficking Coalition
Claire Potter, Professor of History and American Studies at Wesleyan University   
Download segment HERE or press play below.

3. LPS-Lender Processing Services aka Florida’s alleged Original 1% Gangsters 

Naked Capitalism’s Yves Smith
Foreclosure Hamlet founder Lisa Epstein
June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards, two former investigators with the Florida Attorney General’s office that were fired for investigating illegal activity by Lender Processing Services.

Download segment here or press play below.

4.  Private Prisons with no public good 
Bob Libal and Gail Tyree from Grassroots Leadership (check their other blog here)
Silky Shah from Detention Watch Network
Bill Discipio-resident of SW Ranches (check the blog here)
Kathy Bird from the Florida Immigrant Coalition and the CCA Go Away campaign.

Download segment HERE or press play below.

Thank you for listening and we will see you next year!

The 1%’s Private Prisons part I:
We have heard request after request from you, our listeners, to do a show on the private prison industry.  Like a lot of 1% bad business practices, the private prison industry has found a special friend in Florida.  GEO, one of the largest private prison companies in the world, is based in South Florida.  CCA, the other big private prison outfit is trying to build the largest private immigration detention center in a ruralesque S. Florida city better known for its horse ranches and famous athletes.  Are private prisons providing needed jobs and keeping communities safe or are they just making money from government bailouts and bad politics? We’ll find out. 
But first…
Can you tell the difference between quotes from a men’s magazine and a convicted rapist?
We hope you can, but most men surveyed in the UK couldn’t. We’ll talk about what this means about Men’s mags in the US. 
Before that…
An update on the Climate Conference in Durban, South Africa and some real talk on whether Lowe’s hates Muslim families, their money, or just controversy from a relatively tame new show on TLC, “All-American Muslim.”