In case you missed it, this was one show to listen to! Talking religion, we had Phil Zuckerman, Carlos Roa, Rabbi Lerner and Rabbi Glickstein.  Talking politics,  we had Mayoral Candidates Carlos Gimenez and Dr. Farid Khavari

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Wed. April 20, 2011 @7pm (EST)

They keep telling us you can’t mix religion and politics.  But at least we can talk about both on one show!  And there is no better time to talk about both on one show than now.

This past year, Miami Dade’s local government has been turned upside down by a successful recall race led by a successful business man (Norman Braman, you heard him on our show) that successfully made the race for Miami Dade County Mayor a free for all.  We will talk to a few guests, including Mayoral candidates Commissioner Carlos Gimenez and independent candidate Dr. Farid Khavari. 

but first…


Well nothing really but…

Our listeners keep asking us to TALK ABOUT the role of religion in our society.  So we are gonna talk faith with people that have a lot of faith and people that have no faith.  Listen to Professor of Sociology Phil Zuckerman, local community activist and proud athiest Carlos Roa, and others to talk about the role of faith and religion in our society.
Does faith play too big or too little a role in our society?  Is that role mostly positive or mostly negative?

Well…Let’s Talk About It!

Plus read some background on the Miami mayors race here  and some background writing from Phil Zuckerman here and here and here.