1.  Post Election Thoughts
People, the election was yesterday.  Some people won, some people lost.  ALOT of change might come and ALOT of things might stay the same.  We are gonna here from a bunch of our friends tonight, including radio host Edward Woodson, Florida State Rep.-elect Jose Javier Rodriguez, Get Equal’s Felipe Matos, Jim Gierach from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, Scottie Hodges from the Tea Party News Network, Rosa Clemente from the Green Party and many many more.  JUST CALL IN IF YOU WANT TO SAY SOMETHING (305) 541-2350.
2.  What can Sandy survivors learn from Katrina survivors?
Tune in as we talk to journalist, writer and Katrina survivor, Jordan Flaherty about the similarities, differences and lessons learned.


1.  The Aftermath of Sandy and Climate Change at the Forefront
Almost everyone has family in the Northeast.  Tonight we talk about what that family is going through, especially those that could hardly afford to go through anything with FUREE Director Valery Jean (Brooklyn) and Wind of the Spirit‘s Diana Mejia (Morristown, NJ).  We will check in about the conversations we should be having (climate change, etc.) with writer Rebecca Solnit and conservationist/climate change expert Captain Dan Kipnis
2. Should the Elections be postponed?
Considering that many people in the most populated region in the country can barely go to the grocery store, more people need to be asking that question.  Tune in as we talk to legal scholar and FIU law professor Ediberto Roman.
3.  Wait…there is a Zombie Apocalypse Industrial Complex?
Today is Halloween and a lot of people, especially Miami folks (whether it is appropriate or not) are fascinated with the zombie apocalypse.  What people may not know is that there is a actual industry developing to soothe the demand of people that want to prepare for a zombie apocalypse.  Tune in as we talk to friend of the show and Florida gun/supplies shop owner Vic Grechniew, Everette Deger of Hornady (makers of an actual zombie bullet), Mike May of Gerber Gear (makers of the official Zombie Survival Kit for the series, the Walking Dead) and Todd Rassa (instructor in an actual zombie apocalypse survival course).  NOTE: This segment was meant to be a little tongue-in-cheek but some of our guests also had insights into disaster preparedness in light of Hurricane Sandy.