1.  Remembering a dictator, demagogue or true democrat?
You have either heard that there are people crying in the streets of Caracas, Venezuela or celebrating in the streets of Miami after the passing of Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez.  Many people think that you can’t have an even handed look at the good, bad or complicated legacy of the contentious Venezuelan leader.  Well tonight on our show, we are gonna try.  Tune in as we talk to political activists, political scientists and Venezuelans from all backgrounds as we figure out the most fitting way to remember Venezuela’s now-late president.


2.  Speaking of alleged dictators…

Former Haitian strong man Jean-Claude Duvalier is in a Haitian court this week facing charges related to his despotic reign over the island-nation in the 1980’s.  We will check in about what this means for Haiti and Miami’s massive Haitian American community.

1.  The Conservative Vicelords-Chicago’s gang-turned-community organization
Two weeks ago, Bobby Gore passed away in Chicago.  He was one of the founders of the Conservative Vicelords, a faction of the Vicelords that transformed one of the oldest and most infamous of Chicago’s street gangs into a community based organization dedicated to empowering the Lawndale section of Chicago.  Understanding what went right and wrong with the Conservative Vicelords in the late 60’s and early 70’s is key to understanding what is right and wrong with violence in our streets today.  Please tune in as we speak to three original members of the Conservative Vicelords and the author of a book dedicated to Bobby Gore, the World of Gangs.
But first…
2.  What the hell is a sequester?
If you pay attention to the news it is either yet another looming politician-made disaster or a reason to change the channel and watch a better political drama, Deception.  Tune in as we talk to our friends at the Center for Economic and Policy Research about how the sequester may affect our friends and family, whatever the hell it is.
3.  Black Immigrants and the Civil Rights movement.
A lot of people like to call the Immigrant Rights movement the “next Civil Rights” movement.  That sort of assumes that the last Civil Rights movement isn’t still going on and that Immigrants didn’t play any role in it.  Tune in and don’t miss this.