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Hosted by Subhash Kateel

1.  Tune in tonight as we get a report back on the March on Washington’s 50th anniversary from Florida Rights Restoration Coalition’s Desmond Meade, Dream Defender’s Ciara Taylor & Rev. Osagyefo Sekou.

2.  We also talk to Grant Stern & members of OUR Walmart! about Walmart’s attempt to build a store in Midtown Miami.

3.  Plus, are FAU (Florida Atlantic University) students being punished (and “re-educated”) for exercising their right to free speech after disrupting a lecture being given by an Israeli military official?  We find out as we talk to Nadine Aly of FAU’s chapter of Student’s for Justice in Palestine.  

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1.  Walmart workers strike back and “ride for respect”

We have been covering the fight of Walmart workers for a while now.  But this week, they started their first “prolonged strike” and a “ride for respect” to Walmart’s headquarters in Arkansas.  Tune in tonight as the folks from OUR Walmart tell us why they are striking back and riding for respect.
2.  Is online dating changing the mating game?
How is online dating changing the way people get involved, get hitched or just meet people?  Tune in to online dating expert Mark Brooks find out.
3.  The hidden consequences of Congress’ new farm bill.
Every 5 years or so, Congress passes a Farm Bill that deals with both agriculture and goings on of the Department of Agriculture.  Many critics are arguing that this bill is hidden with tons of whatever the opposite of treasure is.  Tune in to find out what they are.
4.  BREAKING NEWS: Civil Rights organization calls for FBI shooting probe 
Orlando resident Ibragim Todashev was an alleged friend of Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev.  He was shot during an interrogation at his Central Florida home when an FBI agent claimed that Todashev attacked him.  Now a civil rights organization is asking for a probe into the shooting. Find out why.
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1.  Was Obama’s debate “gaffe” on Social Security how he really feels?
Much has been made of Obama’s debate performance last week.  A bunch of Obama fans were particularly miffed about his “mistaken” remarks on Social Security.  But was he actually being honest.  In a rare, honest but perhaps controversial interview, former staffer for Rep. Alan Grayson and political analyst Matt Stoller tells us he definitely believes so.  Tune in to a regular segment we will have until the election on how close and far apart our Presidential candidates really are.
2.  Walmart Workers on Strike?
Walmart is the country’s biggest employer with 1.4 million workers on its payroll.  In 12 cities, some Walmart workers decided to go on strike.  Find out why this just might shape up to be a turning point for the Walmart economy.
plus…tune in as we talk about the Country’s controversial unemployment numbers and some local updates about our very own “Political Gangster.”3. The Unemployment Numbers
Time Magazine’s Michael Grunwald talks about the recent unemployment numbers and what they really mean.

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It has been a long time.  We took a break for a month and the news didn’t stop!  Tonight we come back on the air bringing more of the real issues that affect the lives of real people.  Seriously, you don’t want to miss this show.
1.  Undercover in Detention
You may have already heard how Viridiana Martinez (National Immigrant Youth Alliance-NIYA) and a half dozen other immigrant rights activists went undercover and got themselves detained by the Border Patrol and sent to the Broward Transitional Center (a privately run detention center in Pompano/Deerfield Beach, Florida) all in order to highlight the treatment of immigrants detained there and around the country.  Tonight we talk to Viridiana and DREAMActivist organizer Mohammad Abdollahi about their dramatic action, Obama’s famed announcement two months ago and the reality vs. the rhetoric for immigrants being detained.  
2. The Olympics in London
The games have begun.  With the Olympics, we always have our share of controversy along with a share of milestones.  Tonight we talk to Professor C.A. Tuggle about the TV coverage of the Olympic games, especially of women’s sports.  We also talk to Nadia Mohammad of Altmuslimah about the attention being brought to Muslim women Olympians. Finally, we will talk to Julian Cheyne, a Londoner who was forced to relocate because of the Olympic Games.
3.  The Walmart Economy: Part I
When people talk about “big box” retailers, the box doesn’t get much bigger than Walmart.  In the first show of a series, we will talk about what a Walmart economy looks like and what it means for its workers.
It is good to be back.  You don’t want to miss this show.


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